Uniting communities throughout California


The Emerald Growers Association is giving voice to farmers and small business owners. 

We are working to build partnerships and seek to collaboratively solve problems. We are working together to develop and pass sensible regulation of cannabis cultivation while protecting and promoting the heritage and leadership of California's cannabis industry.

Our mission is to promote and protect the small farms and businesses in the cannabis industry and to protect public health, natural resources, and the welfare of communities. (updated July, 2015)

We are advocating for:

  • clear distinctions between unregulated farmers and criminals 
  • clear distinctions between commercial and non-commercial cannabis
  • regulation of commercial cultivation in a manner similar to other commercial agriculture
  • tiered business licensing to create opportunities for small farms and businesses
  • protection of our unique blend of culture, genetics, and micro-climate through a system of appellation controls 

First_member_lobby_day.jpgThe Emerald Growers Association is a member-based association of medical cannabis cultivators, business owners, and patients focused on legislative and regulatory affairs, primarily in Sacramento.


Together, we advocate for a cannabis industry that benefits the community, the environment, and the California economy. We believe that we must work in partnership with local government and state government, with our neighbors and other stakeholders to build a healthy, sustainable, and legal cannabis industry. We are excited to be on the journey. 

As a member of EGA our focus is you! Join today!

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