A Caregiving Community

Emerald Growers Association is a non-profit, member-based association of medical cannabis cultivators, business owners, and patients. Together, we promote California’s locally farmed, sustainably grown medical cannabis, and advocate for a medical cannabis industry that benefits the community, the environment, and the California economy.


  1. We communicate our goals with local, state, and national representatives and authorities,
    and work with them to ensure Emerald Growers Association’s members’ voices are heard.
  2. We support standards for sustainable, naturally grown medical cannabis.
  3. We work closely with organizations to support scientific research around sustainable medical cannabis
    production and processing.
  4. We give charitable contributions to non-profits that align with Emerald Growers Association, like California NORML, and Americans for Safe Access.
  5. Emerald Growers Association serves as an archive for industry knowledge, research, strains, seeds, and history.
  6. We address concerns about underage use, driving under the influence, and cannabis addiction.