About Us

EmeraldGrowers is a one-stop resource for anything related to vaping. The goal of this website is to provide unbiased information about vapes. It can be in the form of buyer guides for different types of vapes like dry herb vaporizers, vape pens, all in one vape, desktop vapes etc and Individual vape reviews on several vape brands and models.

The information provided in our blogs is authentic because all the vapes have been personally tested by Micheal. As you would have seen on the homepage, Micheal founded this blog in order to spread the right information about vapes. When he decided to ditch the cigarette and buy his first vape, there was no one single resource he could go to in order to get the right information.

Which is why he had to refer to multiple websites to collate the information. Having tried and tested vapes for over 5 years now, Micheal decided to create an all in one resource for the vape enthusiasts out there. You may want to buy your first vape or looking for a change in the vape, Emeraldgrowers has buyer guide’s covering all those aspects.

The best part being, the buyer guides are written from the perspective of a buyer who is looking for useful and credible information online. Now that doesn’t mean that Micheal knows everything under the sun when it comes to vapes, but he makes it a point to spread the knowledge he has acquired over the past few years through this blog.

Join Michael in his journey of making vaping accessible to all, just so you do not end up buying a vape which doesn’t suit your taste/style!