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Are you looking for the best vapes? Then you’ve landed on the right page. We have been doing extensive research over the last few months on all types of vapes, so that you easily can pick and choose, no matter what product you buy. The problem with giving advice on the best vape is that there are so many different types for different purposes, that, combined with each individuals budget makes it hard for us to present a list of the crème de la crème. We won’t be able to present a specific list for each visitor and their budget. What we advise you to do rather is click in on one of our guides listed below, where we list the best vapes for dry herb, CBD oils and much more. If you don’t know what type that suits your needs the best, then read on below where we talk about the different types of vapes so that you can get a grasp on what you should be looking for. We will also review different types of vaping accessories and must-haves such as batteries, tanks, and mods.

What Type Suits you the Best?

There are some factors that you need to consider before knowing which type of vape you should pick. The first one is what ingredient you will use; wet or dry?

Dry Ingredients

Dry ingredients are usually the most common vaping method. Dry ingredients include dry herb, wax concentrates and CBD oils. The chamber is heated which vaporize the dry material in your vape, which you easily inhale. Dry herb, aka weed, is usually used for recreational or medical purposes where it is legal. Having a vape makes it easy to smoke marijuana on the go, without having to roll a blunt. For dry herb to fit into the chamber you will first need a proper grinder for a vape.

Wet Ingredients

Wet ingredients are usually vape juice and e-liquids. The wet vapes have a cotton around the coil where the wet ingredients get soaked into. When you heat the coil the liquid from the cotton vaporizes and you can easily inhale it. With wet vapes, people usually like to modify it, by changing the tank or adding box mods, which can be fun if you like to modify and make things better and stronger. However, if you want something that needs less maintenance, we recommend going for a starter kit or an e-liquid vape.

Different types of vapes

Dry herb vaporizer

These are the types used for dry herbs (*cough* weed *cough*). If you want to make your weed session portable, then we would for sure recommend this type of vaporizer. What makes dry herb vaporizers stand out is that they use a heating chamber and remove a lot of the harmful chemicals otherwise going into your body when using other methods of smoking dry herb. The pricing of a dry herb vaporizer is anything between $30 and $300, sometimes even more. We would suggest you from staying away buying vapes from your local smoke shop/tobacco shop, and instead research the market so that you know where you get the most bang for the buck. Buying a $30 vape that you need to replace a few times per year gets annoying and eventually more expensive than putting $100-300 on a high-quality vaporizer.

E-liquid vapes

e-Liquid vapes are short for electric liquid vapes. Instead of putting in dry herb you instead buy liquid such as CBD oils that get soaked up by the coil or an atomizer. Once you heat up the coil/atomizer the liquid vaporizes and you can inhale it. The e-liquid market is the most diverse one in this list and thus probably the hardest to pick between. The most popular type is the sub-ohm box mods, which means that the coil used has a resistance under 1-ohm – which enables the soaked up liquid to be vaporized much faster, and creating more vapor each hit. This makes a perfect fit for competitive vaping, which we will go through later on. The most popular vapes are probably the e-cig, and for newbies, a vaporizer and e-cig are basically synonyms. E-cigs use liquid like sub-ohm vapes, but in a much smaller fashion due to the sizing difference in the two. An e-cig is supposed to look sort of like a cigarette, or close to it while the sub-ohm vapes are not meant to be discreet. The e-cig is having a one-time cartridge or capsule that is meant to be used 500 times before it is replaced, but other than that doesn’t require that much maintenance. The sub-ohm requires plenty of maintenance with liquid refills and hardware upgrades. E-liquid vapes can range from anywhere from $9.99 to $500, depending on what you are looking for.

Wax and Concentrate Vapes

Concentrate and wax vapes use much of the same technology and methods as the dry herb vaporizer, but instead of the coil being used you simply add wax or concentrate. Once the wax/concentrate is heated up it vaporizes and you can inhale it. They are usually called “dab pens”. If you want a clean vaping experience then dab pens might be your best choice. The wax/concentrate is the only thing you vaporize, and you don’t have to worry about the coil containing any weird chemicals. Wax vapes contain the same thing as dry herb vaporizers except that they are condensed, which results in a different experience than when using “normal” dry herb. Concentrate vapes usually have the same type of stealthy look as e-cigs (however, usually not the same shape). The heating chamber is hidden to allow for it to heat up faster and hold the heat for longer durations. One drawback with dab pens is that they produce less vapor than other types of vapes, however, it is still a popular way of vaping due to the intensity and flavors offered for dab pens. You will get a much more clear flavor from wax pens than what e-liquid and dry vapes can offer, you will also get less vapor but the vapor that you get will be tasty and thick. Dab pens usually cost anywhere from $20 to $300 and as with anything, the quality dab pens will cost a bit more but last for longer. There are a lot of different types of dab pens, some being stealthier and some having a bigger tank to allow for more wax. You can decide for yourself which match your needs the best.

Other things to keep in mind when buying a vape

The vaping community is a wide selection of people, first, we got the average Joe’s who have quit smoking and need a substitute this can be everything. Then we got the nerds (such as people that start website totally dedicated to vaping) that are into vaping in an extreme matter. Here we will write a little about each community, and what type of vape suits them the best.

Average Joe Vapers

This is the person that simply wants to have the best vape, maybe to quit smoking or just because it is tasty. They do not care too much about the equipment used, as long as it lasts and does its job properly they are fine with pretty much any vape. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then we have a few types of vapes to recommend for you. First off we would recommend that you buy a vaporizer start kit, where everything is included so that you can start off directly. You get to try a few different flavors of liquid in small batches so that you can have a chance to try a few different ones and see which you like the best. After you feel like upgrading from the starter kit (if ever), we would recommend that you go with an e-liquid vaporizer or dab pen. Figure out if you prefer having a stealthy vaporizer, or if you rather want to be able to load it up with a lot of wax and liquid. Average Joes should expect to put $50-150 on their vaporizer.

Competitive vaping

The competitive vapers are the ones that attend vaping events and competes in “cloud chasing”, which is a form of art in my eyes. It is a 1v1 competition where you and your competitor compete in making the most vapor possible. The competitive or event going vapers are in the nerdy category, here, they usually prefer buying sub-ohm vapes that they rebuild and modify to make as badass as possible. These are the hardest type of vapers to give advice to as they usually like to believe that they know the best. However, I, alongside with my buddies, think we have done a pretty good job making guides for cloud chasers as well. Are you interested in going to a vaping event? Read our list of the best annual vaping events here! Cloud chasers/competitive vapers will have to put $300-500 at least on their vaporizer to get the best possible gear. Most don’t stop there and want to upgrade and modify their current hardware on an ongoing basis.

Medicinal Vaping

This is a type of vaping that is currently undergoing a huge explosion in sales and users. As recreational marijuana is being legalized in more and more states in the U.S. this results in more people buying vapes to vaporize their legal dry herb. Vaping is a healthier option than smoking dry herb which results in a massive interest for vaping among the recreational marijuana users, since they, most likely, would not want to harm their bodies more than what it does itself.

How to pick the right vape for you

As we have repeated over and over in this guide, there are a lot of different types of usage areas for vapes, thus making it hard to actually understand which vaporizer fits your needs the best. While we hope that you so far has gotten a better grip on what vape you should pick, we will do a quick recap below.

Identify why you are vaping

What is it with vaping that you are interested in? Do you want to get high with your buddies, or are you trying to quit smoking, or are you a hardcore vaper that wants to compete in cloud chasing competitions? You probably know the answer to this question already, so let’s move along.

Nicotine addiction

Have you been smoking as long as you can remember, and once you try to stop smoking you feel like it is the worst day in your life and that your whole body is trying to protest for cutting off such a bad habit? This is the main reason people are vaping, they simply want to be able to inhale nicotine without having any downsides in their health. One reason why vaping is perfect for quitting smoking is that you can decide how much milligrams of nicotine you want the e-liquid to have, thus, you can slowly but surely decrease the mg in the e-liquid until you are nicotine free vaping, then you can continue to vape or simply just cut it off as well, that doesn’t really matter. One thing is for sure however, your body won’t protest as much using this method. The best option for nicotine addiction is e-liquid vapes or e-cigs. They are stealthy and many models try to replicate the size and form of a cigarette, making it easy to hold and gives you the feeling of smoking a cigarette.

Social aspect/competitive

Do you want to meet new people at events and maybe compete with others in vaping? Then sub-ohm vapes are the thing for you. You cannot simply compete against a sub-ohm with a small e-cigarette, you will get destroyed. When using sub-ohm vaping the goal is not to get nicotine, and we recommend using 0mg nicotine in your liquid so that you don’t end up with nicotine addiction. While vaping in itself can become a habit, it is less harmful than that of nicotine or smoking.

Medicinal/recreational marijuana

However, not being the biggest category of vapers, it still is a chunk of the vaping community that shouldn’t be neglected. In countries/states where marijuana is legalized for medical or recreational purposes vaping dry herb is a great way of getting the daily dose of marijuana and remove the pain one is experiencing. By removing the tobacco in the process of smoking dry herb we can make it less harmful to the patients that need to somehow inhale it to live a normal life. Related posts: Best Vape Batteries Best Vape Box Mods Best Vape Pens Best Vape Starter Kits Best Vape Tanks


Now, if you have read all the way to here I really want to say that you are one great person. I hope that you have a better understanding of what type of vape you should pick and what the different types of areas vaping is used in.