The TFV8 Baby is a compact vape that is one-third the size of the Cloud Beast. However, the airflow is maintained in such a way that it does not make the Baby seem like a smaller choice at all. The parts of the TFV8 Baby are redesigned and optimized with precise calculations to help you make your vaping time quite enjoyable, providing you the same amount of vapors through a 5ml e-juice capacity. However, there arise times when your favorite vape can run into issues with the coil and you might run into a need to replace it. Here are the best coils for the baby beast.

Top 3 Best Coils for Baby Beast

1. V8 Baby (Q2 Core)

This is one of the best coil heads that you can choose among the 0.4-ohm dual coils that are available in the market. The wattage under which the Q2 Core is recommended for use is between the range of 40W to 80W and the best range in which the coil works is 55W to 65W. The best thing about this coil is that its dual coils provide quite a lot of flavor and it is quite a recommended option for the coils under this resistance.

2. V8 Baby (X4 Core)

When looking for the net resistance of 0.6 ohms, the X4 core is one of the best options, with its 0.15-ohm quadruple coils. This coil works only with the SMOKTech TFV8 Baby Beast and the wattage in which it is recommended for use is 30W to 70W. However, the wattage under which it works the best is between 45W to 60W. The quadruple coils that power this coil head make it quite a recommended option since it boosts up the flavor to make the baby beast quite a better vaping option with its compact nature.

3. V8 Baby (T6 Core)

With six coils that power this coil head, the net resistance on it comes out at 1.2 ohms. The T6 Core is one of the best coil heads in the market for the SMOKTech TFV8 Baby Beast. The wattage under which the coil head is recommended for use is between 40W to 130W. If you wish to make the best out of the coil head, the wattage under which you should use it is 70W to 90W. The six coils make massive clouds out of the vapors of the e-juice and the flow of the flavor is smooth as well.

Apart from these, there might be a lot of other options that you can choose from if you want a different resistance from the coil heads. However, for the above-mentioned resistances, the coils that are mentioned here are the best ones that you can choose.