Best Vape Starter Kits 2019


1. GeekVape Aegis

GeekVape-Aegis-Legend-200W-TC-Vape-Starter-KitCheck Price

2. Volcano Easy


3. GeekVape Blade 235W

GeekVape-Blade-235W-TC-Vape-Starter-KitCheck Price

Are you looking for the best vape starter kit? Then you’ve landed on the right page. Selecting a vape is never as hard as it is in the beginning, there are many features you need to take into consideration, while at the same time keeping within your budget. The confusing terms do not make the decision easier for you, either. In this guide, we will take a look at the top vape starter kits, whether you are searching for the best cheap vape starter kit, or the best vape mod starter kit. With a booming industry comes a lot of manufacturers and stores. For example, you cannot enter a shop today without seeing at least some sort of thing related to vapes, whether it being e-juices or actual vaporizers. This makes the whole task of picking the right vaporizer so much harder, especially as a beginner in the community who hasn’t got a taste for the best online stores, or which their favorite brand is. This is why, before we get into the list of the best vape starter kits, we will go through some important terms related to vaping and some of the factors you need to look while buying the best vaporizer starter kit.

How do Vapes Work?

When you are new to the vaping industry, you will have this question in your mind and it is something that will confuse you quite a lot. You will be aware that the cigarettes draw up the smoke with the fire that is lit on the end. However, there is no fire in vapes and yet there is a production of vapors. The answer to your question is simple; there is a container that holds the e-juice which is absorbed by the cotton wick. When you push the switch on the vape, the coil in the vape is heated within a matter of seconds and the juice then evaporates and the vapor enters your mouth and lungs. After that, it is a simple matter of just pushing out the air and the vapors, crafting a lot of rings during the course. The electronic vapes comprise an atomizer, a coil, and a battery, which are the main components apart from the e-juice. The entire thing is housed within a casing that is called the tank. The thing that you have to keep in mind when you own a vape is that there are parts of the vape which will require replacement after some time. This is because when they are constantly used, like any other mechanical parts, they undergo wear and tear. Major components which require changing are the atomizer, the coil, and the e-juice.

Types of Vape Kits to Look Out For

Since the industry of vapes is ever-growing, as we have mentioned previously, there is a lot of innovation and creativity being brought to it as well. With a lot of designs and shapes, the industry has ensured that there is something for every type of person looking for a vape in the market, irrespective of the age or gender of the person. You can either buy the parts separately or get them together in a kit. Getting a kit would mean that you do not have to spend unnecessary time and money in finding the parts. The only downside to getting a kit is that you do not have the choice on the parts yourself. You have to buy them in the combination that they come in. Here are the best types of vape kits that you can find in the market.

Vape Pen

When you are beginning your journey in the world of vaping, there is nothing better to start than a vape pen. Whether you are hooked up on cigarettes or joints, vape pens are a good way to switch over to the healthier side. You will not lose the feeling of holding a cigarette in your hand, all the while avoiding tobacco. Another thing that you will find quite interesting is that on a single charge, a vape pen can last almost an entire day. You will also notice that you do not get the ashy taste in your mouth after vaping. Rather, you will have the sweet taste of the e-juice that is installed within the pen. The thing that you want to pay close attention to when you are choosing a vape pen is the size of the tank that you will get the vape pen with. If there is a small tank and you are habitual of smoking every other hour, you will run out of the e-juice quite quickly. Therefore, you will want to buy a vape pen with a larger tank that will not require refilling or replacement every so often. The vape pens are a good way to have a quick drag for your nicotine or cannabis needs. You can take them anywhere and they can be easily stowed away in your pocket just like a pen. We have reviewed the best vape pen for beginners in this article.

New to Vaping? Take a Pen

If you are new to the vaping industry, there is a lot that you will have to learn. There are different parts that you will require intricate knowledge about and also a few terms that you will have to get yourself familiar with. You might want to start with a simple vape pen rather than jump directly over to the customizable vapes in the market. They are as simple to use as point-and-shoot cameras are to DSLRs. All you have to do is press the fire button and pop the thing in your mouth and take a slow drag. You do not need to concern yourself with parts such as the atomizer or the coil. The process is quite simple and you will get your fulfillment of the nicotine or cannabis, depending on the e-juice that you are using. This will save you quite a lot of trouble as well since you will not have to look for replacement parts. Vape pens do not generally break down part by part. The only thing that you will have to replace is the e-juice and that too when you are finished with the one that is currently operating inside the pen. When the time comes and the pen has lived its full life, all you will have to do is go out and buy a new pen. By then, you will have learned quite a lot about the industry and will be able to select the best vape kits with your own knowledge. The vape pens come in quite cheap and they are the perfect ones with which the beginners can set their path on the road of vaping.

Box Mods

This is yet another device that is made for the beginners who want a boxy vape. The best vape mods starter kits will have a power wattage somewhere between 20 watts and 50 watts. You should also know that the beginner boxes do not have customizable atomizers, which is why you should purchase them separately if you want. One thing that you have to understand is that the higher wattage that you get on the device would result in a higher density of the vapors too. Looking at the box mods, you will realize that they do not look anything like the vape pens or the cigarettes. Instead, they look more like a small box of cigarettes. They are not quite discreet and will require you to seek a place where you can take a draft out of them. The good thing about them is the large holding capacity of the e-juice, which will ensure that you do not require to replace or refill it as often as the vape pens. You should know that box mods are generally the choice for more experienced users and they are a bit on the expensive side too. This is because there is a whole lot of features available on the box mods. There are options to control the airflow and the temperature on some box vapes, along with the wattage and resistance too.

Mechanical Mods

This device is only recommended for experienced users. There is a mechanical pipe which pulls the power from the battery and vaporizers the e-juice in the atomizer. There were times when mechanical vapes were the most powerful vapes in the world. However, this is not the case anymore and there are regulated boxes which can make the mechanical boxes seem like a child’s toy. One thing that you must know while using a mechanical box is that you must have a complete knowledge of Ohm’s law. This generally does not work in the best interests for everyone since they might not know quite a lot about physics and how the mechanical vapes work.

Pod Mods

When you think about vaping and the future of the industry, pod vapes are everything that you ever dreamt about. They are small in size and light in weight, meaning that they are super portable and easy to operate. They make an ideal choice for beginners as well as professional vapers. While they do not look like a traditional cigarette, they are a great way of getting the habit of smoking out of your life. Each time you look at a pod device, you will be reminded of a musical instrument. It is for the people who think that traditional vaping is too complex for them since some of them come with pre-filled containers and a straight mouth-to-lung draw. There is a simple explanation why the experienced users like to draw away from pod vapes. It is because there is only so many e-juice flavors that you can get in this system. Another reason that experienced users like to cite is that pod vapes are not quite as powerful as the advanced mods available for the vapes. There are most pod vapes which have a small battery and are not able to last even as long as one day. Another thing that pod mods are not able to produce the kind of vapors that many experienced vapers want. With the advancements that are made in the vaping industry, you can find pod mods which have advanced features such as temperature control as well.

Know Enough? Go for a Pod

When you are well-versed with the parts and terms, you can go out and purchase a vaping pod. While you may be eager to try out the best vaping pods in the market, you will have to hold your horses. Start out with the basic ones and later on go for the ones with temperature control and resistance control. This way, you will get used to vaping through a pod rather than a pen before you try your hand at the best of the best in the vaping industry. It may seem like a lot of restrictions but the path of learning is always a difficult one. The vaping pods are discreet and are easily hideable within the palm of your hand, in comparison to the vape pens that stick out as a cigarette would out of your mouth. Discretion is quite important if you decide to go for cannabis oil in your e-juice. This way, you can get your high in peace without the world ever suspecting that you are rolling in a trance rather than just pushing out harmless vapors. There is a social stigma that is still prevalent in our society as far as the smoking of cannabis goes. This agenda is only accented by the other industries which are directly hit by the legalization of cannabis. There are many medicinal uses to cannabis and some studies have even gone as far as to claim it to be the cure for cancer. Certainly, this will not suit well with the hospital industry, which is why the legalization of cannabis is such a big issue these days. When you are looking to start out in the vaping world, you would want to buy something that will last you for quite some time. This means that the vape that you choose has to be reliable and does not break down in the middle of vaping. If you require the relief from daily stress and are in the mood for nicotine, cannabis, or just a drag, you do not want your mouth to be on something unreliable that can burst into flames at a moment’s notice. This is why, we have selected the best vape starter kits that are currently made in the world and enlisted them below for you.

Top 10 Best Vape Starter Kits 2019

1. GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W TC Vape Starter Kit

GeekVape-Aegis-Legend-200W-TC-Vape-Starter-Kit The Aegis Legend is one of the best vaping kits made by GeekVape. It is absolutely good for the starters and the professional vapers as well. The setup is quite simple and there is nothing complex about assembling it either. This is the improved version of the Aegis that was made by GeekVape before. The design of the vape is quite modern too, with colors accenting the casing for a cooler look. The overall build quality is also up to the industry standards. The vape is made out of aluminum, zinc alloy, and silicone. The vape has a grip with leather accents to provide a better grip, and there is an added benefit that the Aegis Legend comes with an IP67 rating, meaning that it is water and dust resistant too. The various colors and skins that it comes with allow you to choose for a design that is made to your personality. The size is also quite compact, at a height of 90.5 mm it makes the perfect fit for a normal fist. The range of the output power is between 5 watts and 200 watts. There is also an OLED display on the vape which provides you with vital information such as the remaining battery and the power output. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

2. Volcano Easy Valve Starter Set

VOLCANO-VAPORIZER-VALVE-STARTER-SETS While these may not be the most affordable vapes in the market, they are perfect for those who wish for a balloon setup. The massive size of the inflated balloon means that these vapes are typically better suited to be used indoors rather than puffing in the public. After all, you do not want judgy eyes to follow you around when you wish to get away from the world and into your state of trance and peace. Using this vape kit is quite easy and there is a user guide inside to help you understand which parts have to be assembled where. The balloons are maintenance free, although it is recommended to let the balloons air out or be replaced after about a 100 uses. There is a cleaning kit included within this starter kit which is made especially for the purpose of cleaning out the balloons so that they do not start to smell weird. The build quality on the materials is quite nice, although since they are well-built parts, their replacement is going to hit your pockets quite heavily. Overall, anyone considering to buy a balloon apparatus for their vape is going to be very happy with this setup since they do not have to make the balloons themselves and they come in pre-made in the kit. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

3. GeekVape Blade 235W TC Vape Starter Kit

GeekVape-Blade-235W-TC-Vape-Starter-Kit GeekVape offers quite a wide range of products when it comes to vaping kits. All their products are highly recommended and you cannot go wrong with any of them. However, one which stands out from the bunch is the Blade 235W TC starter kit. It has all the safety features that you can imagine in a vape. There is Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, and Overheat Protection. This makes it quite reliable and a perfect companion over a long life. There is a support for the Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating elements, and the minimum resistance on which it runs is 0.05 ohms. The build quality on the vape is superb; the materials used to make it are Durable PPS, Fiberglass, and Stainless Steel. The temperature can be controlled within quite a wide range as well. The OLED color display makes it quite convenient to read the vital information such as the battery remaining, the resistance and the power output, and the temperature of the coil. The firing button is quite large as well, making it easy to use when you are high under the influence of cannabis. There is a micro USB port on the vape for the charging options, and the battery is housed with a magnetic cover on top of it. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

4. USV MACH ON3 240W TC Squonk Vape Starter Kit

USV-MACH-ON3-240W-TC-Squonk-Vape-Starter-Kit This is one of the best vape mod starter kits that you can get in the market. Made by USV, the build quality on the vape is quite exceptional and you do not have to doubt its reliability over a long period of time. The power output on this vape is between a healthy range of 5 watts and 240 watts. This means that the smoke that will be pushed out by this vape will be quite dense if the resistance is low. There is a support for a resistance range from 0.1 ohms to 2 ohms. There is a customizable user interface on this vape, meaning that you can control the position of the various indicators on the display. There is an option to control the temperature as well, with the range of the control being between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The firing button is quite prominent as well, ensuring that you do not miss it when you are in the mood for a lost vaping. The 1.3-inch TFT display makes it quite easy to read the various indications and warnings that the vape sends out. There are a number of systems built into the vape which make it a safe option. These include Low/High Voltage Protection, Low/High Amperage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low/High Resistance Protection, and High PCB Temperature Protection. There is a micro USB port on the device that helps to recharge the batteries after they drain out. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

5. SMOK Species 230W Vape Starter Kit w/TFV8 Baby V2 Tank

SMOK-Species-230W-Vape-Starter-Kit This is one of the most expensive-looking vaping kits that is available in the market. However, the looks are deceptive in this case and the vape is quite affordable when compared to some of the others that are available in the same category. The whole device is made out of a zinc alloy but the glass finish at the neck gives it quite a premium look and feel. It has one of the widest range of power outputs, providing support at power outputs as low as 1 watt and going as high as 230 watts. One thing that makes this baby quite unique is the presence of the OLED Touch Screen in the middle so that you can fiddle around with the various screen options that are available on it. There is even a screen lock button on the vape so that you do not accidentally mess up the setup on the screen. Overall, the interface is quite intuitive and user-friendly, and there is a small chance that you will spend most of your time fiddling with the screen while you are vaping. The device itself is quite compact and you can easily take it around with you and spend some time in public, discreetly puffing away at the vapors. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

6. Tesla Invader IV 280W Vape Starter Kit w/ 20700 Batteries

Tesla-Invader-IV-280W-Vape-Box-MOD This is one of the most compact and innovative vapes that is made by Tesla. The build quality on this device is quite high and the overall finish gives quite a premium look as well. It is made out of a high-grade aluminum alloy and there is an LED indicator that gives the important information such as the low battery indication. It blinks in three different colors, depending upon the information that it wishes to project. There is an option to adjust the voltage in the device to switch the power output. The range within which the Tesla Invader IV can adjust the output voltage is from 3 volts to 8 volts, and the maximum power output that it can achieve is 280 watts. It is available in five different colors, ensuring that the customers have a wide range of options as far as the colors are concerned. There is a user manual included within the kit that can guide the person on the steps to assemble the vape. All the tools that will be required in the process are also included within the kit. There are many safety features set into place that make this one of the most reliable vapes in the market. These include Overpuff Protection, Reverse Connection Protection, Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Alert, Overheat Protection, and Overcurrent Protection. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

7. Augvape DRUGA 22 Squonk Vape Starter Kit

USV-MACH-ON3-240W-TC-Squonk-Vape-Starter-Kit There are not many Squonk vape kits out there in the market. This means that Augvape Druga 22 enjoys a sort of exclusivity when it comes to this category of vapes. It draws heavily on voltage to ensure that the power delivery in the device is uniform and powerful. It is one of the finest and most elegant squonk vapes that are available in the market. It can be equipped with rechargeable batteries so that you do not have to undergo the hassle of buying batteries after every discharge. However, you must take into consideration the charger which you are going to use with the batteries. While the vape may be quite safe in itself, there is no guarantee for the batteries. There have been cases where the vapes have exploded because of a faulty battery. There is a uniform dissipation of heat in the device, which means that the density of the vapors will not vary with the frequency of the drags. The size of the vape is compact, meaning that you can enjoy discreet vapors in public places. There is enough space to house two coils within the vape. However, it works just as fine with a single coil. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

8. Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit

Joyetech-eGo-AIO-Starter-Kit This is one of the All-In-One vape kits that has made a name for itself in the category. It is one of the most portable devices that you will ever come across, fitting right into your hand. This enables you to take it wherever you wish to, helping you take a drag discreetly. The only complaint that you will ever have with this device is that the container for the e-juice can hold only 2 ml at a time. This means that you will either need to carry replacements or get it constantly refilled. Other than that, it is an overall good device. It is reliable and since the e-juice container is built into the device itself, you can be assured that there are no leaks and spills. The charging of the batteries is done through a micro USB cable, which is quite common and on everyone’s person these days. This means that you will never have the worry about running out of batteries. Effectively, if you have enough replacements, you can vape non-stop with this device. There is also an indicator on this device which can be programmed to display various information such as an indication for a low battery or the vape running healthily. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

9. Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit

Tesla-Stealth-100W-Starter-Kit If you are looking for a device that can help you be discreet while vaping, the Tesla Stealth is the one that you want. Although the vape has a lower power output than some others in the market, its small size ensures that the power delivery is not a deal-breaker. When you look at it, the design of the vape makes you want to buy it instantly. It is quite modern and is available in a variety of colors so that you can pick one that suits your personality the best. The main aim behind the development of this vape was to help people enjoy their drags of nicotine or cannabis without any judgy looks from other people. There is an instruction manual within the box which guides the customer through all the steps of assembly. Safety features, such as the Low Voltage Warning, the Over-Current Protection, and the Short-Circuit Protection, ensure that the device is quite reliable under all conditions. There is a blue LED light on the vape which indicates warnings such as a low battery. The device can be recharged via a micro USB cable. The e-juice capacity on the vape is fixed at 3 ml and you will have to constantly replace it if you are a heavy smoker. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

10. Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit

innokin-started-kit This is one of the most stylish and slimmest vaping kits that you will find in the market today. The compact size and an overall understated design make it the perfect vape to be used if you wish to do so discreetly. The tank is made out of Pyrex glass, so you do not have to worry about it breaking any time soon. There is a built-in 2000mAh battery that can be recharged with the help of a micro USB cable. Even though it is quite slim, the e-juice capacity is quite high when compared to its size, coming in at 4.5 ml. There are many safety features that come built into the device for the safety of the person who is going to use it. If you are worried that the compact design of this vape is going to stop you from producing dense clouds, do not be. The 1.5-ohm resistance provided by the coil, coupled with a maximum power delivery of 14 watts, ensures that the vapors will be quite dense. If you wish to gift this vape to someone, you can do it easily since the kit comes within a gift box. It is easy to put together and provides an overall great vaping experience. Check the Cheapest Price Now!

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Even though the vapes have been around for quite a long time now, people are still wondering whether it is safer to vape than to smoke. There have been reporting where the vapes have caught fire. This does not mean that the vapes are unsafe. The fires are caught either due to the usage of cheap materials or due to the use of a wrong charger. In most of the cases, the vapes are working perfectly fine and they come with a host of benefits over smoking.

No Smoke, Fewer Diseases

Since there is no involvement of any tar or smoke in a vape, there are significantly less harmful than the cigarettes. The smoke in the cigarettes affect the lungs and are a leading cause of the destruction of the alveolar sacs. Also, there is a prevention of the lung cancer when a person switches over from smoking to vaping. No Smell Since there is no tobacco involved, there is no ashy smell either. All you are left with is a fruity smell of the e-juice which you had installed in your vape. You do not have to invest in perfumes or deodorants to mask the smell of smoking. Also, the fruity smell provides a freshness that is unmatched by any perfume in that price. Easy on Everyone Since there is no tar or smoke, it is perfectly safe for the ones vaping and the ones around them. Hence, vaping is not looked down upon in public and you can enjoy a drag anytime anywhere. Since there is no ashy smell, people are not disgusted to stand near the ones who vape. There is no danger of passive smoke causing health problems to the ones near the one enjoying a vape.

Great Choices Available

So far, we have discussed the various choices available, such as the best cheap vape starter kit, or just the best starter kit overall. However, the freedom of choice does not stop there. You can choose from a wide variety of e-juices and each one has a different flavor. There are normal fruity flavors and some exotic flavors too, like mint. There is also a choice available in the strength of the nicotine that you wish to have within the e-juice. If you are trying to control your addiction to nicotine, vaping is a great way to do it since you can slowly reduce the amount of nicotine that you take in and give it up ultimately.

Quite Affordable

Agreed, the first time investment in vaping is quite a lot higher than a pack of cigarettes. However, if you compare how long a vape and a pack of cigarettes last, you will find out that the vapes outlive the cigarettes many times over. This is provided that the smoking conditions are the same. Also, since there is no requirement of smell-maskers, you save quite a bit on that end too. The only thing that you will find to be a regular re-investment into your vape is the e-juice, but it comes in quite cheap.

Vaping is the Path to Quitting Smoking

Since the control of nicotine in your hands, you can slowly reduce it to the amount that you no longer are dependent on it. There will arise a day when holding a cigarette in your hand will strange to you and you will never want to do it again in your life. The path to quitting is a long one but vaping is a method that will not rob you off the feeling of smoking but will reduce your dependency on it step by step.


Since there is no residue of the vapes or any butts left behind, they are quite environmentally friendly as well. Also, the lack of smoke is a step towards a greener future.


Considering all the benefits that are there of vaping rather than smoking, you should think about your health and the health of others around you. There is a better way of satisfying your cravings and when it is available to you, you should totally go for it. There are vapes available for all kinds of people and you should not be left behind helping the tobacco industry take undue advantage of your dependency. Vaping is the future. Be a part of it.
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