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Best Vape Starter Kits Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. KandyPens Rubi2. YoCan Evolve-D3. HoneyStick Phantom
KandyPens Rubi Best Vape Starter KitYoCan Evolve-DHoneyStick Phantom

The decision to quit smoking venture is a big step, and if you are one of those who have taken up the motion and looking for best beginner vape starter kits, you are indeed at the right place.

There is an extensive range of these kits in the market, and this article is all about understanding the top features of best vape starter kit. A common challenge in the process is to find an affordable yet quality vape so as to make a comfortable shift from smoking.

Choosing the best vaporizer starter kit can not only offer you a satisfying and comfortable escape from the smoking habit but can ensure effective usability as well.

As a beginner it is a tough thing to select the best vape starter kits from a market because it is filled with millions of options. Therefore, here you go with a comprehensive compilation of essential features, basic outline of shopping for vapes and the top picks of best vape starter kit for beginners.

Top 10 Best Vape Starter Kits 2020

1. KandyPens Rubi

KandyPens Rubi Best Vape Starter KitIf convenience, stealthy usage and compactness is what turns you on for a buy of vapes then KandyPens Rubi is perfect the ideal product for you. This is a sleek and lightweight yet one of the powerful pod-based vapes in the market.

What impresses you immediately at a glance is its feather light structure, absolute slim pocket friendly design crafted within a 4inch length, and that too within affordable budget.

Unlike general pod-based vapes which have pre-filled cartridges, the KandyPens RUBI is integrated with 1ML capacity pod cartridges with open system, which you can easily refill with desired e-liquids and oils whenever required.

Another exclusive feature crafted in this pod based vape is the hi tech OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology which helps to extract optimum scale of clouds from the e-liquids and oils you put in the pod.

The pod offers seamless use as the temperature is auto regulated with the battery, the smoothly vaporizes oils and liquids, since the air activated heating system allows to vaporize smoothly and efficiently.


  • Its battery recharges quickly within 30 minutes.
  • Product comes with a micro-USB charging port.
  • It efficiently allows you to have 50 draws with every charge.
  • Integrated with auto shut off system.
  • Despite RUBI’s compact size it offers large clouds.


  • Refill capacity is limited to 1 ml only.

2. YoCan Evolve-D

YoCan Evolve-DYour search for a slim, pen like vapes which is easy to carry anywhere can end with YoCan Evolve-D Vaporizer Kit, a pen-style vape integrated with an advanced dual spiral pancake coil. Simple operations and powerful features make this a good buy.

Crafted with seamless operative push down cap button, all you need to start up is push the top. The product is crafted out of zinc-alloy material, with a stainless-steel heating chamber which efficiently extracts the enriched vapors from the dried herbs loaded within.

The YoCan Evolve-D Vaporizer Kit has a sufficiently powerful battery of 650mAh which is also rechargeable, which means not only do you get efficient heating and vaporizing, but you also need to spend over buying battery every time.

One of the unique smart features of this device is the threaded top attached to the mouthpiece which when pressed down compresses the material inside, offering enriched vapor, even without opening it.

The integrated ceramic coil comes with multiple holes which allows swift airflow within the heating chamber, which helps you to achieve seamless satisfying vapor.


  • Once charged completely, Yocan Evolve-D allows 3 to 6 hours of vaping.
  • The “pancake-style” dual coil offers enhanced heating of the surfaces of the heating chamber.
  • The device heats at an optimal range of 3.2v and 4.2v, which is Considered ideal for extraction of best flavors of dry herb.


  • The plunger attached to the device for discretion of ash is a bit short.

3. HoneyStick Phantom

HoneyStick PhantomThe Phantom Signature vaporizer is a pick from the latest advanced edition crafted by HoneyStick. This is a device meant for luxurious cloud experience. The Phantom Signature Vaporizer comes with classic features and exclusive design.

You are sure to admire the looks of this device with a dense brushed aluminum and a combination of carbon fiber.

HoneyStick has designed Phantom Signature vaporizer with prefilled cartridge as well as a tank which can be accessed by users to ensure it fulfills with all your essential oils and concentrate requirements.

You can either refill the tank every time or even adhere to the magnetic adapter caps to use the integrated pre-filled cartridges.

One of the added USP of this product is the “squeeze-to-vape” feature where users need to squeeze the vape in order to initiate draws as well as voltage changes. The product pack contains a USB charger as well.

Even more you also have a powerful 1000mAh battery in Phantom Signature with distinctive four voltage change options to create variable clouds with different temperature.


  • Appealing looks with carbon fiber and thick brushed aluminum body
  • Squeeze to vape feature which takes the vaping experience to the next level
  • There are 2 magnetic tank adapters for both long and short tanks


  • A bit expensive compared to many other products.

4. Atmos Jump

Atmos JumpWhen it comes to pocket friendly and pocket size vaporizing solutions, Atmos has always been an overpowering leader in the market, and the Atmos Jump Vaporizer is also no exception.

This product is a unique blend of portable vaporizer and vape pen and portable vaporizer and unifies a magnificent sleek design and high-end portability and performance in a single package.

What makes Atmos Jump different from many other products in the market in the same price range is its anodized heating chamber which no coils exposed and with a single optimized temperature set up (near 400 degree F), it allows you to experience seamless vaping.

Vape for dry herbs, perhaps is a great pick for you with an integrated 1200mAh battery, stylish carbon fiber body and compact design, featuring efficient convection-style heating for smooth and rich vaping experience.


  • Simplified one-button control crafted to enhance seamless vaping.
  • Affordable, high end performance and reliable buy.
  • LED indicator shows heating process in progress.


  • The product calls for routine cleaning in order to avoid sticky residue build up inside herb chambers.

5. Pax 2

Pax 2Launched in 2015, PAX 2 Vaporizing has become a leading preference for vape enthusiasts. This is integrated with a unique heating system which modulates its temperature based on the pressure of your inhale.

The device is not only sleek, easy to carry and stylish but comes with smart technology as well. It has 4 preset temperatures for concentrates as well as dry herbs.

Adjust the cloud and vaping pattern seamlessly with the Lip and Motion Sensing Technology. This is one of the advanced vaping kits offering custom vaping experience.

PAX 2 comes with a power hub of 3000mAh battery with rapid heating which means forget waiting to reach to the required temperature for a desired vaping experience. Besides the power packed battery offers 30% more usage time.

You have the essential benefit of USB charging and lost lasting charge helps you to vape for long hours. LED light integrated in the body allows you to know charging in progress.

With 4 chambers of heating and minimal time of only 30 seconds for optimal heating, PAX 2 can offer ready seamless vaping. Low temperatures are ideal for small yet intense flavorful puffs. PAX 2 also allows you to enjoy big flavor intense clouds at a temperature of 420F.


  • PAX 2 will reach your chosen temperature within 40 to 60 seconds.
  • Advanced Lip and Motion Sensing Technology
  • With a 3000mAH battery you can vape the entire day without repeated charging.


  • Requires deep cleaning with alcohol for satisfying vaping.

6. Airvape XS Go Vaporizer

Airvape XS Go VaporizerThe XS Go Vaporizer designed by Airvape is sticks to the definition of portability in every sense, starting from design to functionality. It is one of the best lightweight and easy to carry vaporizers in the market that too within an affordable budget range.

The device is integrated with an advanced temperature setting system where you have 5 calibrated temperature settings. Isolated airpath ensures deep and impactful hits every time.

Airvape has crafted a unique stylized oval-shaped ceramic oven with a hybrid heating mechanism combining both conduction and convection heating which vaporizes dry herb evenly to discrete utmost flavors.

You can also bet on the 1200mAH battery offering 5C high-rate discharge. Xs GO has unique 3minute shutoff, which means it automatically save your charge when the device is not in use for 3 minutes. Even while usage it is easy to use with single button and it takes only 20 seconds in heating.


  • The Xs GO enables swift temperature changes which makes smooth combustion of dry herbs and allows you to enjoy optimal flavorful hits.
  • Comes with Micro USB charger which charges as fast as in 45 minutes only.


  • Battery runs out faster so you cannot use for long without charging again.

7. Honeystick iMini 3

Honeystick iMini 3If you are need of a pocket size smart and sleek vaporizer, you have the iMini 3 Vaporizer is one of the most compact devices. Though it is small in size measuring only 16mm * 48 * 30mm, yet it comes with a powerful variable voltage battery.

It has a capacity to deliver variable range of voltages as in of 3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.0V which ensures that you can completely combust the material in the cartridge.

Device handling is made easier with inbuilt Magnetic Cartridge Connector technology, which allows you to alter and change cartridges inside and out quite swiftly and conveniently.

It is easily compatible with 12mm sized cartridges. Integrated with capacity of 510 threads on every charge and with pre heat setting, it can be your perfect on the go partner.


  • Compatible with any 510 threaded cartridges.
  • Features magnetic cartridge connector which not only helps swapping cartridges easily but holds them in position as well.
  • Small and compact, perfect for on the go use.


  • Battery is not enough powerful to keep the device going for long.

8. Smok Stick V9 Max

Smok Stick V9 MaxIf you need the dedicated experience, rich and flavorful of mods yet need something within pocket range like those of vape pens, perhaps Smok Stick V9 Max kit is the product apt for you.

Vape pens are basically known for easy of portability and handling, and in this product from Smok operations are seamlessly designed with built in battery, top filling tank and a smart single button for smart and easy operation.

Looking at the design crafting you might get swayed away with the idea of a vape pen, but the performance of the device forces you to think the other way, with powerful 4,000 mAh which allows you to enjoy vaping throughout a day or two sometimes.

It doesn’t have a range of settings, a display screen or any other buttons, you just push the fire button and start vaping. The package of the product includes diverse variety of coils, that is two different coils, that is 0.15ohm coils but one with quad and the other a mesh coil.

Experience finest flavor filled hits with each coil. You also get an 8.5ml tank, which can capacitate enough for great vaping experience. Protected with a lock button the tank is integrated with swing open technology for easy handling and refilling.


  • Swing open tank system making refilling easier.
  • Affordable device with high end performance.
  • Comes with 2 different types of coils for best vaping experience.


  • The lock system sometimes doesn’t work properly and the tank leaks.

9. Innokin Proton Plex

Innokin Proton PlexInnokin is a leading vape designing company and with its latest Proton Plex Kit 235W it brings upon an astounding amalgamation of style, performance and smart technology al within a handsome budget line.

The biggest surprise element in this product package is the inclusion of joystick technology integrated in the device smartly enhancing the credibility and capability of performance.

Choose a desired color scheme on the large screen which takes you to an all new vaping drive, a completely innovative experience.

This device perhaps literally explains how small atoms big energy capacity have, for Proton Plex Kit despite of its compact and sleek design can quite efficiently reach 235 watts of power.

This perhaps a small powerhouse for it can capacitate two Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery, which makes enthusiastic hits turn into big clouds. You also have a mess free smart sliding technology on top of the tank for refilling e-juice.

Within an affordable price range, you can also get an added advantage of enjoying exclusive Scion Plexus Coils which is known for its durability as well as exotic flavor filled hits.


  • The device is integrated with a smart Push Top Sliding refilling cap which makes refilling seamless.
  • You have a well-designed 4mL Juice Capacity tank.
  • It has a removable mouthpiece for seamless and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Advance Dual Slotted Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control which encourages improved vaping experience.


  • The product is essentially not multi-medium.

10. Freemax Twister Metal Edition

Freemax Twister Metal EditionThe Twister Metal Edition from Freemax is an innovative Vape Starter Kit combining affordability with high end performance. Power by an internal battery of 2300mAh the cloud experience with this device is simply unparallel within this price range.

The feature which has created the maximum buzz in this product is the all new integration of FreeMax Fireluke 2 Vape Tank in this edition. FreeMax Fireluke Mesh Coils adds absolutely new dimension to the level of clouds and flavor instilled vaping.

The FreeMax Twister 80W Kit is packed with some of the most exiting features with a fine twist-style operative system and the all new high end Fireluke 2 Mesh Sub-Ohm will enhance your vaping experience to another level.

A Tank is structured out of stainless steel with compatibility with mesh coils. Besides high-quality of stainless-steel design layered with protective print injection offers enhanced graphic quality and abrasion resistance.


  • Fine new mesh coils from Fireluke enhances the overall vaping experience.
  • 2 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank allows you to enjoy flavor in every bit of hit.
  • There is an integrated Wattage Adjustment Dial
  • Powerful 2300mAh Battery


  • The Fire Button is pretty sensitive.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Vape Starter Kit

Whether you are preparing to buy the best vaporizer starter kit or simply Considering which vape will be best for you, go through these Considerate factors before picking up a vape. Know more about your which kind of product can be an ideal buy for you.

1. Type Of Vape

Buying a vape can lot more difficult and puzzling than you have ever imagined. There are numerous types of best starter kit vape and devices available in the market, and landing in a vape shop you might get completely taken off by terms like mech mod, pod vape, unregulated box mod, vape pen, personal vaporizer and more.

For those who take up ejuice over concentrates, herbs, oil or wax can also be utterly confused with the stunning range of flavors as well. Now when it comes to types of Vapes, you have a few most popular devices Bod Pod, Vape Pen or Pod System.

Box mods are comparatively larger in size than vape pens which are sleek and compact. These box mods are also expensive and are designed in irregular shapes.

You might have issues with portability, for because of their big size, these are not easy to carry. This is box like device which allows you have better control over different features. Moreover, nowadays you can also access improved styles of this device with superior feature controls.

You can also opt for a rather portable option which integrates somewhat features of a box mod, yet within a compact design it offers limited yet useful features, then you can check out the range of vape pen.

These a small device designed after a pen which you can easily carry in your purse, pocket. But in this respect yet another modernized best vape mod starter kit which is flexibly possible to carry anywhere is a pod vape.

Pod vapes allows you to create a mimic experience of a cigarettes, which is indeed a great start up for smokers looking to quit with similar feel.

While some of these devices offer cutting edge technology to create realistic cigarette like feel others might be some semi realistic. Before you jump into a buy, decide which type of product is suit suitable for your purpose.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance is an integral part of any kind of device that you buy. Even for a vape there is a coil inside, which heats up vaporizing the liquid inside to fume up as well as creates the fume too.

But after a certain time, due to heating up this coil wears out when it might need a replacement. You can sense that once you don’t get the flavor of you vape adequately or if the vape is not creating smoke.

You also need to repeatedly operate your vape tank in order to refill them. Therefore, before buying check out for easy to handle use vapes, coils of the vape, availability, etc. factors.

3. Portability

As a Consumer when you Consider buying a product like best starter kit vape gauging the portability of the device, intervening with the thought if you need a portable device as well is important.

Now the market has both versions of vapes for starters with both having their own range of advantages and disadvantages.

Like for example, desktop vaporizers are designed with a powerful control system, enhanced heat control as well operations, and of course produces better vapor compared to pocket friendly devices. Moreover, these are also known for their quality vaporizing as well as durability.

On the other hand, portable are designed to suit your portability needs, therein these are compact, lightweight, convenient to use anywhere.

It is a good pick for newbies for most of the modern portable vapes come with a single button push control, easy to use and handle.

Besides, nowadays there are many portable vaporizers integrated with basic temperature control unit, some hi tech portable picks also come with preprogrammed temperature settings, for different herbal preparations, etc.

But for a deeper and more satisfying experience many vape users choose desktop over a portable device which offer seamless control, enhanced quality of vapor and best experience.

4. Vapor Quality

When you have an invigorating enthusiasm for rich and quality vapor experience, desktop vapes do count for a Consideration since these are especially designed with enhanced heating chambers and advanced temperature control system.

These are also popularly known for offering exotic, flavorful and enriched aromatic vapor. It is perhaps for those who look for a crafted experience of vaporizing. You can use a versatile range of herbs, oil s and flavors in these desktops vapes with a superior temperature control adding to the overall experience.

Quite obviously, portable small sized vapes are not capacitated to offer you similar experience, with smaller heat chambers. You have limitations of temperature control, there is need for battery changes or recharging as well.

However, modernized and advance design of portable vape units have come up in the market offering enhanced experiences. However, these might be a little pricey.

5. Social Smoking

There are many people around who only feel like smoking in social gathering when others are indulged in smoking. For such crisp and short practice, you can also pick session vape which heats up within a small time. If you like throwing parties more often and need vaporing tool in house for friends and guests, desktop vapes can be an ideal choice.

6. Customer Reviews

When you are attempting to figure out the best starter vape pen in the market which suits your purpose and budget, it is important to delve into the customer reviews on the chosen list of products.

While a vape, pen is packed with numerous features and have a low-quality battery, it is seamlessly a wastage of money to buy it.

Therefore, whether you want to check on the vape quality, density and richness of cloud, battery performance or temperature control, going through customer feedback can give you the utmost realistic viewpoints.

FAQS on Vape Starter Kits

1. Should I Consider Cheap Vaping Starter Kits As A Beginner?

There are indeed a lot of cheap vaping kits filling the market. However, if the question is about the worthiness of these kits. As a beginner of vaping or quit smoking venture, you can definitely try up a few low priced or cheap vapes just to get the feel.

However, it is always true that you get what you pay. When you pay less and get cheap vapes, the quality of vapes, essential flavor in every hit, adequate temperature for high clouds will all be a distant thing.

The other way around to save yourself from being deprived of every worthy feature of good vapes is to do a bit of research work. Look for the top vapes, pods in best vape kit under 50 section.

There are many kits which offer quite satisfying vaping experience, like some of the picks in the above provided list, like YoCan Evolve D Vaporizer, HoneyStick Vaporizer, etc. which are affordable yet offer good quality vaping.

2. What Is The Best Starter Kit?

Every individual’s have their own style and preferences in vaping and determining whether or not a vape is best vape starter kit varies, therefore.

There are many types of vapers, some are current smokers willing to quit smoking, some are ex-smokers some just take the essence of vaping as newbies. Best vape mod starter kit as well as all in one vape kits are quite good in offering direct mouth to lung draws. This ensures satisfying scales of nicotine which ensures a quality vaping feel.

However, if you are enthusiastic about big hits and more clouds you need best vape kit for clouds, for which you can check out desktop mods, or vape kits with 4 heat chambers, intense heating, and different heating temperatures reaching feature in a vape.

Again, you can also look for a vape mod starter kit which has an integrated sub-ohm tank, for concentrate oils and herbs can be a great pick.

3. Do Vape Starter Kits Come with Juice?

Basically, you have vaped pod systems which come with an integrated pod and one which comes with a refilling pod. In case of refilling ones, it is up to you which type of oil, juice you fill in, however in case of integrated pods, at least one pod comes with vape juice.

There are also vapes which have up to 5 pods with different flavors which allows the user take best satisfying experience while vaping

Sometimes best vape starter kits also come with vape juice as a part of the kit, and in these vapes you can often expect to get an extra coil as well.

Tips To Choosing A Vape Starter Kit

Choosing a vape starter kit depends entirely on the user. As mentioned earlier here, if you are one of those occasional vapers striking on hits sometimes, simple vape pens can be ideal for your, for these sticks to simplified vaping.

For passionate vapors willing to experience the next level of vaping, experience flavors and levels of clouds, pod system vapes can be a good pick. However, for vapers enjoying the essence in a group you need a loud experience which can be delivered only by a desktop box mod.

Do Vape Starter Kits Come with Batteries?

There are two different types of kits. The vaping devices which come integrated with in built battery they also have a charger. Nowadays most of the inbuilt battery-operated devices come with their USB chargers within the package itself.

Once again while some of these have normal USB charger others might have micro USB chargers offering fast charging. There are other devices which have replaceable batteries as well.

In such cases there might or might not be an additional extra battery within the package. In such cases where there is no extra battery you will need to buy them on your own.

What Is A Portable Vaporizer?

As the name suggests these devices are specifically designed for portable uses. Mostly designed for Consumption of dry herb and wax concentrates, these portable vaporizers are compact, small, easy to carry in pockets, bags, etc.

Advanced heating chambers, preset heating temperature settings, fine stainless steel Construction to ergonomic design, these are crafted with all kinds of features which go seamless with portability factor.

These devices are basically handheld which means these are designed to meet you on the go requirements, easy to discrete and maintain, carry and use, these are great vaping partners.

The latest portable vaporizers are empowered with built-in high-end batteries which can retain their charge for longer hours and offer better performance. Besides that, different temperature settings allow you a versatile range of flavorful cloud experience too.

With remarkable brands in the market which offer preset heating temperatures, fast heating, mesh coil integrated tanks, the portable vaporizers have gone to the next gen level.

What Is Mouth To Lung Vaping?

All vape devices are basically designed with this simple Mouth to lung vaping or MTL vaping system. This is very simple just the way one does smoking, the vape is first taken inside the mouth only after which it is inhaled inside the lungs.

It is the system which is followed in normal smoking. Since a similar technology is used in vaping too, it offers a similar kind of feel like that of analog cigs, cigarettes and pipes. MTL vaping kits come with a note mentioning the system, and these might sometimes use higher percentage of nicotine as well.

What Is The Best Vape Pod?

Vape pod systems are available in two distinct types.

Open pod systems are typically those vape systems which allows you to refill the pod with your chosen and preferred filling. You can actually use a wide and extensive range of material, like ejuice, nic salt juice, wax concentrates, etc.

Well this is perhaps useful for the user, since not only do you get to enjoy your desired material to flavor of ejuice, but at the same time the refill spans for longer duration as well as you can keep the budget in limit as well.

In a smaller pod system, you need to replace not only the pod but also the coil on ending of the refill. Whereas in case of larger pod systems you only need to refill the pods.

Closed pod system devices may have a single pod refill or more than one which are fixed inside the device. This means you cannot refill the device when the juice finishes.

These pods come with manufacturer provided pre-filled ejuice. When you have more than one pod you can have multiple flavors in each different pod integrated within the device.

Buying Best Vape Starter Kit

Starting from vape pens to best vape kit under 50 the above given list of best picks in the market within an affordable reach provides you quite a many option.

Now, when you think of vape devices whether box mods, desktop vapers, vape pens or vape pods, there is an unending range, in terms of price range as well as features.

The higher the value of the device the more features you get, the better the quality and vaping experience. However, since this article basically revolves around vape devices designed and dedicated for beginners especially, here you will find mostly best cheap vape starter kit.

Even though cheap, rather it should be Considered as the affordable range where you don’t have to drain your pocket and despite of spending within a comfortable budget you can experience some of the finest vaping features namely lip and mouth sensation technology, mesh coils, 4 chamber heating, hybrid heating mechanism and so on.

Now, even though you have a detailed review of each product picked and chosen in this list provided above, it is important to check and cross check through more than user review of the product you decide to buy.

You can go online and check for customer reviews, feedbacks on the product. In these reviews you will get to know general issues like battery problem, handling difficulties, refill issues, leakage issues with products if any.

Whether you decide to buy directly from a store or online, there are numerous products, companies and varieties, stick to a type of vape which is comfortable to you. If you are a beginner look out for best vaporizer starter kit or vape pen which are not only easy to use but specifically ideal for on the go use.

Basically, beginners like to vape on the go, casually unlike enthusiasts who prefer box mods or desktop vapes for enhanced vaping.

At first decide on your budget, how frequently you want to vape, refill type you prefer, type of coil you would like to use, size of the device which will decide on the portability convenience and similar essential factors.

Now once you come across a few likeable products, go through product reviews, customer feedbacks and then finally make your pick for a product. Since, here the listed products are chosen in accordance to such factors, you can easily from amongst them as well.