Best Vape Tanks 2019


1. Honey Stick Ceramic Vape Tanks

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2. HorizonTech Falcon Resin Edition

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3. SmokTFV12 Cloud Beast Tanks

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Vaping has become one of the most trending pastime activities in the last couple of years. People who want to quit smoking often give vaping a try to get rid of their injurious smoking habits and adopt something a little less harmful to their health. The rapid increment in the number of people who have turned to vape in the last few years has led to the availability of an extensive collection of different types of vapes and a wide range of vaping accessories in the market. One of the most important parts is the tank. In this guide, I will talk about the features of different vape tanks. Our reviews on vape tanks will helo you find the best vape tanks out there.

What Is A Vape Tank?

When you set up for your very first vaping session, you will need a few starter pieces for your vaping kit. I think one of the most important components of your vape is the vape tank. The tank houses the atomizer, a wick, a heating coil, and a reservoir to hold the e-liquid. The wick absorbs the e-liquid, and once the device is powered on, the coil heats up the wick and produces vapor for inhalation. I believe that vape tanks play a significant role when it comes to having experienced an enjoyable vaping session. Choosing the best vape tank can be difficult because the market is currently flooded with all types of vape tanks that exceed the other in pricing and quality. Tanks used in vapes can differ in type from sub-ohm tanks that work tremendously for cloud chasing vapers, to MTL tanks, rebuildable tank atomizers, RDAs, and tanks that are designed specifically for dry herb and wax concentrate. Vape tanks are an important component of vaporizers and the best vape tanks provide intense flavor hits, huge rings of vapor clouds, and excellent vapor output. All types of vaping come with the inclusion of vape tanks responsible for holding vaping concentrate or electronic liquid for vaporizers. The best vape tanks are the ones that have a maximum capacity for holding vaping concentrates, are leak-proof, and support sub-ohm vaping. Modern-day vape tanks are sophisticated constructed and finely built pieces of technology that come with advanced features to support all the modern day trends in vaping. Different vape tanks work differently for each type of e-liquid or wax or herb concentrate. The ones that work efficiently with wax or dry herb concentrate may not work so well other e-liquids. Through a combination of factors, vape tanks are designed to support vaping habits and preferences of the vaper. Coil type is one of the most important factors to consider. If the vapors seek good and intense flavor, then the above-ohm and mouth to lung (MTL) coils may be their best choice. But if they enjoy the thrill of producing massive rings of vapor, then sub-ohm coils paired with increased airflow are their go-to choice for the best vape tanks.

How to Choose the Best Vape Tank?

As I said, tanks are one of the most important components used in a vape. They are connected to the battery or the device itself and they hold the e-liquid which is required to produce vapor. Choosing a tank can be confusing, especially for new vapers. So before we help you choose the best vape tank, let’s take a look at a few things you must know as a new vaper. One of the most important factors according to me is that affect your decision-making process is whether or not you have ample experience when it comes to vaping. Cartomizers are the simplest form of tank available in the market. These tanks go well with starter kits and are easy to use for beginners. A cartomizer consists of only two parts while most tanks usually comprise of three parts, and has a very simplified and basic functioning. This tank also happens to be an excellent choice for new vapers who have switched from smoking and are trying to quit their smoking habits. These tanks have a very similar design, shape, and size to that of a traditional cigarette. It feels natural to a habitual smoker due to its cylindrical shape. These tanks are not only a good fit, slim and easy to use, but are also relatively cheaper as compared to other more complicated tanks. But with a few pros come a few cons, too. The coils in this tank cannot be changed, they don’t offer a lot of power either, and can be a bit tricky to refill. A lot of new vapers are still after trying out something that isn’t as basic as a cartomizer and is a bit more advanced. In this case scenario, clearomizers are a good choice for most vapers. Clearomizers are often also called the next generation cartomizers because their basic functioning is still that of a cartomizer but more developed and advanced. Clearomizer tanks are also cylindrical in shape and have a wick and coil with a long tube, similarly to a cartomizer, yet they perform a little differently. A clearomizer tank definitely provides more power than a cartomizer, it has a clear reservoir to hold e-liquid and you can easily check if you need to refill the tank. Clearomizers are cheap, the coils are easily replaceable and the tank is very easy to use. On the other hand, they can only hold as much as two milligrams of e-liquid, do not work with box mod vaporizers, and can still not compare to the power supplied by an atomizer. But if you have vaped for a sufficiently good amount of time, then you are probably well informed about ordinary vape tanks and sub-ohm vape tanks. An ordinary vape tank is similar to a clearomizer with ultimately more power and holding capacity. It gives the user the freedom to replace coils, easily refill the e-liquid, adjust the airflow, has a larger capacity for the e-liquid, is very simple to use, and offers a lot more power than a clearomizer. But this vape tank is not as cheap as a clearomizer or a cartomizer. For a more advanced form of vaping experience, I think sub ohm tanks are the best available vape tanks currently available in the market. They offer quite the same features as any ordinary tank, but the power output is exceptional. They offer adjustable airflow, a massive cloud production, temperature control, and intense and fulfilling flavor experience. But while the sub ohm tanks offer excellent results and outstanding vaping experience, they are also way too pricey. They are one of the most expensive options for vape tanks currently plaguing the vaping industry. It is recommended to go for sub ohm tanks only when you have gained enough experience and have spent ample time vaping and trying out different vaping accessories. It is not the kind of tank made for beginner vapers, but one that you can definitely work your way up to. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner just finding your footing with vapes or if you have had years of experience with vaping when you go out to purchase a tank, it might be a bit difficult to narrow things down due to the number of options that are available in the market. The vape tank you choose to pair up with your vaporizer has a huge effect on your vaping sessions and on your overall experience as a vaper. This is why you must do your research before you purchase a vape tank. To find the best vape tank for you, you must find out which one suits your vaping style and preferences, works well with your experience and is within your budget. Now let’s take a look at few factors you must consider before you make your purchase for a vape tank.


Most vape tanks are either made of plastic or glass. Most of the clearomizers and tanks that are available in the market use glass walls, yet some are made up of metal. If you are looking to use more than one type of e-juice, then I would suggest to go for tanks constructed from glass since they are compatible with all flavors. On the other hand, polycarbonate or plastic tanks can sometimes crack and are not compatible with all types of flavors. They especially cannot be used with particular flavors like cinnamon or citrus flavors.

Disposable or Rebuildable Tank

Disposable tanks provide good performance at low cost but since they are disposable, they tend to have a very short lifespan. It is a good choice for new vapers who do not have much choice when it comes to vaping but as per my experience, they will have to buy these disposable tanks at least twice every year. Rebuildable tanks also referred to as RBAs provide excellent performance and provide you with a quality experience and knowledge about your vape tank. They are more expensive as compared to the disposable ones, but you can continue using them with just having to change a few parts so these tanks last longer than disposable tanks.

Top Coil or Bottom Coil

Top coil gives a hotter vapor output and can give your atomizer a longer lifespan. But hotter vapors mean that the liquid will not last for a very long time and will quickly burn out. So when using a vape tank with top coil you will experience a lot of burnouts and dry hits which may ruin your vaping sessions. On the other hand, with the bottom coil, there is a reduced occurrence of burnouts and dry hits, but this coil makes your atomizer more likely to wear down quickly.

A Wick or a Cartomizer

The choice of a wick or of a cartomizer varies for each vaper and quite depends on their personal preference. While some vapers tend to go for a more basic option with a cartomizer, others may prefer a wick. You can try out both and decide which one fits your vaping habits best and then stick to it.

Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung

Vape tanks are specifically built to either support mouth to lung vaping or direct lung vaping. They support a single type of vaping habit efficiently, so before you decide to purchase a vape tank, you need to be sure which style of vaping suits you best and which one do you personally prefer: mouth to lung vaping or direct lung vaping. I usually go for the mouth to lung vaping but to each their own. A mouth to lung vape is a more restricted type of vape and usually the go-to choice of most beginners. It is quite like the act of smoking except it is done with an electronic vaporizer and does not involve smoke. Direct lung vaping gives airier draws and is quite akin to sucking on a too wide straw. Many users opt for direct lung vaping when they have enough experience with vapes and are looking for a larger vapor output.

Size of the Tank

The size of the tank is always one of the most important factors for me to consider when looking purchasing a vape tank. The size of the tank, though, is no longer as much of a concern as it was in the past. This is because the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) has restricted the minimum holding capacity of 2ml for all tanks, but the overall size of a tank that is a good fit for your vaping device is still worth some consideration. Most of the mod vapes come in 22 millimeters or 25 millimeters in diameters, so you must pick a tank that works best with this size.

Adjustable Airflow

Trust me airflow makes a lot of difference for different styles of vaping. If the airflow is too tight, the vaporizer is likely to feel thin, hot, and restricted. If the airflow is loose, the vape might feel too airy to deliver a good hit. You must purchase a tank that allows you to make adjustments to the airflow so you can easily change the airflow as per your convenience.

Tips for Flavor Chasers

While a lot of vapers out there may enjoy blowing out large clouds of vapors, more experienced vapers who have spent quite some time vaping and experimenting with different vaping techniques look for a robust and vivid flavor from their vape setup. Cloud chasing may be more fashionable, but getting the best taste out of your e-liquid is what vaping is all about. Following are a few tips to guide the flavor chasing vapers and help them discover ways and techniques to maximize the flavor from their electronic cigarette.

Adjust the Wattage and Temperature Settings

I would that if you want to improve the flavor output of your vape pen or box mod vaporizer, the easiest way is to tweak your temperature and wattage settings. The temperature of your vape and the power delivered by it are the two main factors that affect your vaping experience and determine how intense of a flavor hit the vaper receives. Different elements of your e-liquid come out at different temperature and wattage settings. Since all flavors have different steam points, your vape settings along with your coil’s resistance control how hot the coil gets. Temperature regulation is very important for vapers who seek a flavor hit because it helps them determine how much taste and intensity they want from their e-liquid. Variable wattage or variable voltage vaping devices are the best choices for vapers looking for a robust flavor hit. You must start with lower settings and then work your way up from there for a good flavor output. Each e-liquid has a sweet spot, and it can be hit on different temperature settings for each different type of e-liquid. While one flavor may give you an intense hit at 30W, the other might give you one at 25W. The temperature of the coil is one of the most significant factors that play into getting a good flavor hit. The key to getting a good flavor hit is to find the right combination of different settings that work with each other to give you ultimately the best flavor hit your vape can provide.

Cut Down on the Airflow

I know cloud chasing demands a good airflow. When a good amount of air goes through the coil, the vapor becomes comparatively less dense but allows the vaper to produce bigger clouds. This, however, comes at the expense of good flavor. The heavy airflow reduces vapor density, and consequently, makes the draw airier and less flavorsome. For most vapers who seek intense flavor hits, cutting down on the airflow is the best approach. This not only increases the vapor density but also warms the vape and allows it to carry a more robust flavor to the vaper with each draw. Vaporizers that come with adjustable airflow systems on their atomizers make it convenient for vapers to achieve good flavor from their draws. While reduced airflow can help magnify the experience of flavorful hits, if the airflow is too closed off, the vape might become too hot resulting in poor vapor production. The best way to achieve a good airflow setting is to start out low and then increase the airflow until you have reached an ideal balance for flavor and vapor production.

Choosing the Right Coil

The type of coil you use determines how much flavor your vaporizer produces. Different vapers prefer different coil types to suit their vaping habits and get flavorsome hits from their vaporizers. Before you set up your first vape, you might want some insight about how to make the right choice for your coil. Top coil clearomizers are fading out of the picture in favor of the more preferable bottom-coil. Top coil clearomizers have the atomizer located at the top of the stem, which interferes with the wick’s ability to properly soak in the e-liquid. Therefore, they give poor flavor and pull the taste out of your draws. Bottom coil, on the other hand, comes with a whole new set of improvements that enhance your vaping experience. When the coil is located at the bottom of the central stem, the wick does not have to work against gravity to soak up the liquid. Instead, the gravity works in your favor and the e-juice is thoroughly sucked by the wick. Then there are sub ohm tanks that come with coils offering a resistance within unit ohm. These tanks not only enhance the vapor production and improve flavor, but they also improve the overall experience of the vaper. Ultimately, most flavor chasing vapers rely on rebuildable atomizers to provide an intense and strong flavor output. The rebuildable atomizers allow the users to take a more hands-on approach with their vaporizers and make customizations to support great flavor and augmented vapor production. Even though rebuildable atomizers allow maximum customization and grant you more control over your vaping session, and the entire vaping experience as a whole, but they are only recommended for vapers who have ample experience with vaporizers, their components, and functioning of each of the components. Technically, there are plenty of different types of coils you can try your hand at to maximize the flavor hit and vapor output, but only the best sub ohm tanks offer the ultimate flavor chasing experience.

Coil Material and Flavor

Honestly telling you the material of the wick has a huge effect on the flavor hits you receive from your vaporizer. Electronic cigarettes previously used to come with Silica wicks. But it was soon discovered that these wicks sucked the flavor out of the e-liquid, hence made the draws bland and tasteless. This is the reason why cotton has now replaced Silica as the material for a wick in more modern vaporizers. At first, organic cotton balls were the definite choice for vapers. But nowadays many different choices for cotton wicks are available for the vapers to choose from as per their preference. When it comes to getting the best vaping experience, Japanese organic cotton wicks come highly recommended. You can buy organic cotton in square sheets or you may already receive them with your clearomizer coil. The cotton allows vapers to get a clean and strong flavor hit from their vapes due to its tremendous wicking capabilities. Cotton might not be the go-to choice for all vapers, though. Some other options like cellucotton and “Cotton Bacon” are also available for vapers. Secondly, ceramic wicks have begun to make a comeback in the vaping industry. Not only are they heat resistant, but they also provide an excellent flavor that, according to them, is impossible to achieve through any other wicking material. But ceramic coils pose some serious safety concerns for vapers. To sum it up, any good quality cotton wick or a modern ceramic wick will give you the ultimate flavor hit from your vaporizer.

Airflow Holes and Flavor

As I have already mentioned that the amount of airflow plays a significant role in the flavor of your draws, but now let’s discuss how the location of airflow holes affects your draws. The airflow holes of most atomizers are located at the side of the coil. This setting works well for the vaper, but airflow holes located underneath the coils can help achieve sufficient airflow and rich flavor. When these holes are present underneath the coils, they lead a direct passage up towards the mouthpiece of the vaporizers, hence enhances the flavor of draws. The best sub ohm tanks have this standard setup which is the reason why they provide excellent flavor output. The position of airflow holes is an important factor to consider for flavor chasers when they shop for a dripping atomizer. It is best to choose under-coil airflow holes over the ones that have airflow holes on the side.

Keeping Your Tank Clean

I found out that fresh coils and clean wicks contribute towards more flavorful draws. To achieve fresh and flavor-rich draws, you do not have to rinse your coil or change it every time you switch to a different flavor, but after three days of continuous use, the taste of your e-liquid starts to suffer. To remedy that, you can rinse the atomizer head. This will not only extend their lifespan but will also give you draws that are strong and rich in flavor. All you have to do is disassemble your tank, rinse its components in hot water and leave them out to dry. Usually, wicks take about twenty-four hours to completely dry, hence that’s how long you must wait before you assemble the components once again. During this time, you can use another atomizer head that you keep in spare. For vapers who use rebuildable atomizers, it’s comparatively easier to change the wick. All you have to do it remove the old wick, fire the coil while the wick is still removed, let it dry out, and then wait for it to cool before you are ready to insert a new wick.

Avoid Flavor Fatigue

In my opinion, the biggest issue a vaper can face is having flavor fatigue, otherwise commonly referred to as “vaper’s tongue”. There are a lot of different factors that may contribute to your having a vaper’s tongue. What happens is that when you suffer from a vaper’s tongue, the flavor of your e-juice loses its punch after some time of use. This may lead to further complications when you are unable to enjoy the flavor of other e-liquids that taste similar to the one that gave you flavor fatigue. There are many ways you can solve this problem, and the best one is to switch to a flavor that tastes massively different from the flavors you usually go for. Another way to rid you of flavor fatigue is to smell fresh coffee beans. These beans have a very strong scent that resent your sense of taste and smell. You can also try drinking water or sucking a lemon to beat vaper’s tongue.

Look After the E-Liquid

Storing your e-liquid in a proper way is important. At least I take care of it like a baby. If the storage is poor, then the flavor of your e-liquid might degrade. You must keep your e-liquid away from heat and exposure to direct sunlight. Also, you should minimize your e-juice’s exposure to open air to keep it fresh and flavorful. Some e-liquids tend to get stronger in flavor with time. Like wine ages with time and improves in flavor, letting your e-juice age sometimes bring out really intense notes of flavor from it. This process is called steeping. There are many different ways your e-liquid can benefit from steeping if you keep the two most important factors in mind. The first one is to leave the e-liquid in a cool and dark place while occasionally giving it a thorough shake. The next important step is to let your e-liquid breathe a little by opening the cap for very short periods of time. You must keep in mind that steeping does not necessarily work for every e-liquid out there, so sometimes the results may surprise (or even disappoint) you. But if you are one of those flavor chasers who is looking for the ultimate flavor it, then this method is definitely worth a try.

Why Does Your Vape Tank Leak?

This has happened with me once, a leaking vape tank can get really messy and uncomfortable. It is also a waste of a lot of e-liquid since you are consuming more than you really need for your vaping sessions. These leaking vape tanks are also the culprits for those faded spots on your favorite pair of pants, or the rough blemishes on your new sweater. The juice leaking from the atomizer tank in your pocket or coming off your fingers when you put away your vape for later use can cause these blemishes because some e-liquids have dyes in them. So before we delve into ways to counter vape tank leakage, let’s take a look at a few reasons as to why this happens in the first place.

Drip Tip Adapters

Often times when you have prolonged vaping sessions, the e-liquid inside the tank begins to collect between the drip tip and its fitting. You will be able to notice this when your tip your mod a bit while vaping and find some e-liquid dripping into your mouth.

Rips in the Gaskets

Sometimes if you purchase the vape tank without checking it properly for damage, you may buy one that has rips in the O-rings or has broken gaskets. Trust me I have been there. So if the gasket is broken, it is more than likely to leak the e-liquid. Sometimes, the O-rings are perfectly fine, but there is a crack or two in the frame of your atomizer tanks located behind the gasket. This could be another reason for leakage.

Lack of Ample Amount of Cotton

If you use rebuildable atomizers and tend you stuff your wicks yourself, then this problem might be a bit difficult to fix. On the other hand, if your stuff too many sheets of cotton inside your wick to stem the leakage, it might fix the problem for some time but will dry out your vape and your hits will be dry and without good flavor. On the other hand, lack of cotton sheets to soak up the e-liquid will allow the juice to run straight past the walls of the wick, into the airflow channels and straight out of the adjustable airflow ring. This can not only get messy but is also a chore to clean up.

Choice of E-Liquid

The VG to PG ratio of your e-liquid may also contribute to the leakage in the atomizer tank. VG is a thick, viscous liquid. So if your tank has a higher percentage of VG liquid, then it may not leak. In contrast, if the quantity of PG liquid in your atomizer tank somehow exceeds that of the VG liquid, then your vape tank is likely to leak. Since PG is closer to the consistency of water, it is likely to have a lower viscosity, causing it to leak out. Even if you still choose to go with a higher ratio of PG liquid, you must stuff your wick with more material to properly soak up the e-liquid and prevent leakage. This took me time to compile because of the choices out there. The market today is flooded with many great tanks. The vaping industry has become more competitive with its products now more than ever and narrowing them down to a few best choices has become nearly impossible. We ensure the include all the necessary factors in our vape tanks review. So we have stepped in here to help you narrow down your choices to only the very best ones. Here’s a list of the best vaporizer tanks currently available in the market.

Top 10 Best Vape Tanks 2019

1. Honey Stick Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank ($29.99)

Honey-Stick-Ceramic-Sub-Ohm-TankIf you have enjoyed using Uwell Crown 3, then its successor is not going to disappoint you. The Honey Stick Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank is a well-constructed tank with the ceramic heating element. This version of the Honey sub ohm tank series is not only great to look at, but is also very durable with a good lifespan. The tank comes with a bubble glass tube installed in it. This tank has a good holding capacity of e-liquid. Moreover, it comes with another glass tube which is a lot slimmer and can only accommodate more of e-liquid. One of the biggest reasons for me why Honey Ceramic stands out from all of his predecessors is its outstanding self-cleaning technology. Each coil of this vape tank is designed to have a condensation holder that is responsible for collecting all the leftover wax during vaping sessions that could not be properly vaporized. The condensation holder then delivers all of the wax back to the coil. This is not only an ingenious way of saving the wax from going to waste. One more advantage of this technology is that it saves having to clean the vape tank as often as you do other vape tanks. The Ceramic Atomizer system allows you to focus on the wax concentrates. This system performs the task of saturating each draw with maximum flavor hit. The system recycles the air through the core of the atomizer twice and adds flavor to your draw. The Honey tank comes with a very simple system that is free of wicks and coils and has the threading count of upto 510. Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable airflow slot at the bottom of the tank to provide a path for easy transit of air in and out of the vape and avoid overheating. The Honey Ceramic is not only exceptional in performance, but it’s also built and design is of top-notch quality and the most excellent standards. With its stunning design, patented airflow technology, the use of all new and very advanced system free of coils and wicks, the Honey tank is easily one of the most highly recommended and the best sub ohm tank available in the market today. The tank comes in classic colors like black and white. The device comes with the Honey stick atomizer, a silicon tab tool. It can reach resistance as low as 0.8-ohms, a user manual in case of any accidents and first-time installation.
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2. HorizonTech Falcon Resin Edition Tank ($29.99)

HorizonTech-Falcon-Resin-Edition-TankI really like its quality and built. The Horizon Tech Falcon Resin Edition Sub Ohm Tank is 25 mm in diameter with a quarter-twist top of the tank filling system. The tank works with standard as well as mesh coils heads and has an extremely good quality stainless steel resin build. This tank has a holding capacity of about 5ml of e-liquid. This capacity is on the preinstalled tank, the capacity can be increased as far as a hefty 7ml if we include the larger bubble glass tank section, too. The filling system is present at the top of the device. All you have to do is twist the tip of the tank with a quarter turn. This will bring into view two large filling ports of the device. The tank is easy to fill and can accommodate a wide range of e-juice bottle nozzle. The danger of leakage or spillage is eliminated because the tank offers very wide space for refilling through its top fill system. The Horizon Tech Falcon sub ohm tank also uses a brand new family of coil designed and manufactured specifically for the Falcon Tank and comes with a preinstalled 0.16-ohm mesh coil head that works at its very best when provided the wattage of 70W to about 80W. This Falcon sub ohm tank comes with a unique and all-new liquid guiding element, wood pulp and cotton as the wicking material and the all-new coil’s mesh design. These factors contribute to the lifespan of each coil and enhance the wicking capability of the coil along with strong and rich flavor production. The Falcon tank also includes a dual adjustable bottom airflow system. The air holes present at the bottom of the tank have the ability to completely closed or completely open, allowing the vaper to customize the airflow settings of the tank as per their convenience. The 11mm wide bore drip tip the vaper to take massive draws of vapor with saturated flavor hits and incredible vapor output. The sophisticated build an excellent quality design, a variety of customization options, and the ability to use different types of coils specifically created for the Horizon Tech Falcon Tank make this one of the best vape tanks currently available in the market. The device comes in a variety of colors like black, blue, green, red, white, and also an extremely vibrant rainbow color. The kit comes with a Horizon Tech Falcon Resin Edition Sub Ohm Tank with a 0.16-ohm M2 coil preinstalled in the device, and an extra 0.16-ohm M1 coil. Next is a spare parts bag that comes with the kit, a spare glass tank section, and a wide bore drip tip.
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3. SmokTFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank ($31.99)

SmokTFV12-Cloud-Beast-King-TankIf you are a design lover like me then you will like this device. SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Sub Ohm Tank is another marvel of SMOK Tech. The company continues to relentlessly pursue the path of their successful TFV coil platform, that has evolved over time into magnificently built and beautifully constructed efficiently performing vape tanks. The SMOK took the vaping community by a storm a few years ago and the trend has continued ever since. TFV12 Cloud Beast King is a smartly engineered, gorgeously designed, and exceptionally performing device with a dramatic increase in vapor production that exceeds the vapor output of the precedent series. The device is about 70 mm tall and 28 mm in diameter which means it is not exactly the standard size of most vape tanks and neither is it light in weight. The Cloud Beast is constructed from stainless steel and Pyrex glass. This sub ohm tank comes with a heat-resistant wide bore trip Delrin drip tip paired with SMOK’s exceptionally popular top-fill swivel cap that makes the process of refilling the tank very quickly and way too easy. Due to the massive size, the Cloud Beast King provides a more potential airflow as compared to the previous series. It also consequently provides a better vapor output. It has two huge airflow channels that can be fully opened and close through a control ring that is present at the base of the vape tank. Another impressive quality about the Cloud Beast King is the fact that is works with all the atomizer heads before the TFC12 series. The device comes with a preinstalled 0.12-ohm V12T12 Duodenary coil head and a second 0.15 ohm V12-X4 Quad coil atomizer head. These powerful coils cover a huge range of wattage and work at as low as 60W of power while still giving all its trademark flavor hits and cloud rings. The device’s replacement coils are made from high-quality stainless steel and are made from pure organic cotton to produce intense and rich flavor to give their vapers an unforgettable vaping experience. Not only this, but the Cloud Beast King is one of the most powerful tanks in the army of tanks manufactured by SMOK Tech. This tank fuses its high wattage with SMOK’s trademark flavor output. This vape tank provides its users with the freedom of using different coils with it. It is an excellent choice for experiencing draws that have a rich and intense flavor, and to put on a showcase of sheer power due with its high wattage potential. To fill the Cloud Beast King Tank all you have to do is grip your tank in one hand, then with the other hand press down on the top cap and turn it counterclockwise. This will expose the center airflow port and the slot available to fill the e-liquid. Add in your e-liquid to the slot then firmly tighten the cap of the tank. Now before you use the vape again, let the tank stand for a few minutes so the e-liquid can be thoroughly soaked into the wicking material of the coil. The device comes in stainless steel, black, gold, and rainbow color. The packaging includes the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank, preinstalled V-12T12 duodenary coil of 0.12 ohm, a V12-X4 quad coil of 0.15 ohm and another V12-Q4 quad coil of 0.15 ohm. The kit also includes a replacement glass tube, a user manual, and some spare parts.
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4. Aspire Nautilus 2 ($21.99)

Aspire-Nautilus-2Aspire has introduced their Nautilus 2 as a successor to the highly recommended and exceptionally performing Nautilus tank. Vapers who have already had an amazing experience with the first Nautilus tank are definitely going to love this new addition by Aspire. Nautilus 2 comes with new curves and sophisticated design with excellent compatibility with the best quality atomizers that were used in its predecessor. This new Nautilus device features a set of new features that have improved in performance, reliability, usage, and customizability. The Nautilus allows the vaper to refill the e-liquid from the top filling system, perfectly tunable bottom airflow adjustment system, a new incredibly compact look, and perfect design. The Nautilus 2 is more compact in design than the original Nautilus vape tank because it has a shortened chimney as compared to the longer one in the previous version of the device. The shortened chimney allows for better airflow and good flavor due to reduced vapor travel distance. The kit comes with two new Nautilus BVC coils; a 0.7-ohm coil that comes preinstalled in the device and is designed for use at low wattage from between 18 to 23 watts, and another 1.8-ohm coil that works perfectly at even lower between 10 to 14 watts. These new BVC coil offerings are compatible with not only the new Nautilus tank but also the original Nautilus tank. The new Nautilus device is constructed of durable anodized aluminum that is light in weight and also comes in solid stainless steel and glass with colors ranging from stainless steel and grey to a bold and vibrant red. The Aspire Nautilus 2 is 22mm in diameter, with a capacity of 2.0 ml to hold the e-liquid. The full-length cap of the tank protects its glass structure. There’s also a liquid level window that allows you to keep a check on the level of your e-liquid and to determine when it needs refilling without having to open up the tank and check. The device has five adjustable airflow ports ranging from 1 mm to 0.5 mm with gold plated 510 connectors. The kit of the new Aspire Nautilus 2 includes the tank itself, a 0.7 ohm preinstalled coil. Moreover, it comes with a spare 1.8-ohm coil, a replacement glass section, and a kit of spare parts. Nautilus 2 is one of the best vape tanks currently available in the market.
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5. Vaporesso NRG Tank ($31.99)

Vaporesso-NRG-TankThis goes to my new favorites’ list. The new NRG tank continues Vaporesso’s tradition of innovation and inventive designs and technology. This tank is the exhibit A and a clear manifestation of Vaporesso’s ingenious imagination and revolutionary technological designs. The device comes with a very easy and convenient sliding filling system located at the top of the tank. This system offers an incredible performance during sub ohm vaping as well as making refilling the tank with e-liquid much easier and simpler. The device comes with a very attractive build, and the tank looks perfectly compatible with a plethora of vaping devices. This tank is not only an exceptionally well-performing device but also welcomes certain features like including a drip tip that prevents spit-back, a heat insulating washer at the base of the tank and perfect pairing with the most ideal and excellent GT Cores series of coils for a high-quality vaping experience. The GT Cores series provides their users with a wonderful set of options that match the vaper’s preference and vaping habits. This series includes the strongly recommended ceramic coils built by Vaporesso. NRG tank from Vaporesso is the perfect fit for a number of different vaporizers and brings something different to its users other than the regular tanks available in the market. Vaporesso kit comes with the NRG sub ohm tank. A 0.4 ohm GT 2 replacement coils, another 0.15 ohm GT 4 replacement coil, and a replacement glass section. The package also includes a user manual. The NRG Tank is about 26.5 mm in diameter with Pyrex and stainless steel body. The tank has an impressive holding capacity of 5ml for the e-liquid. This outstanding device by Vaporesso is compatible with GT Cores coils. It comes with a Delrin wide bore drip tip that comes with mesh that prevents spitting-back. Heat insulating base washer is present right at the bottom of the tank and the device is 510 compatible, too. Our best vape tanks list wouldn't be complete without this vape tank review.
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6. Kangertech Subtank Mini ($39.90)

Kangertech-Subtank-MiniThis revolutionary sub ohm tank by Kangertech provides a large holding capacity of 4.5 ml for the e-juice and acts more like a sub ohm dripper. This means that Kangertech Subtank Mini is designed to give you the best of both worlds. The device uses sub ohm organic coils with wicks stuffed with sheets of Japanese cotton. These coils offer a bigger section for heating and a longer lifespan. With the Kangertech Subtank Mini, you can enjoy the pure, undiluted flavor of your e-liquid and even more outstanding vapor output. If you prefer building coils all by yourself, then you can also go for Kangertech RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) coil head. This tank is versatile in a way that it offers some special element of vaping to each different type of user. The kit comes with two coils of resistances of 0.5 and 1.2 ohm.
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7. Innokin iSub Apex Tank ($29.99)

Innokin-iSub-Apex-Tank-1I use this when I am looking for something convenient. This product from the Innokin does not only serve as a Removable Drip Tip by delivering exceptional performance and excellent customization potential, but also comes with the convenience of a vape tank. Coil replacement is effortless to its no-spill coil swap system. The Innokin iSub Apex sports a beautifully built deck that serves as a source of immense level of flexibility and variation while arranging for the coil, with a tank for e-liquid that has a holding capacity of 3 ml. This device has defeated its rivals in terms of aesthetic value, ease of use, and high-quality performance. The iSub Apex has fought off all competition with beautifully designed features to aid beginner vapers who are new to vaping and its accessories and is equally compatible for use by experienced vapers who have spent quite some time with vapes. The vape is designed expertly to accommodate both large and small coils. The spill coil swap system of the tank makes refilling the tank with e-liquid not only easier but also faster. The flavor from iSub Apex is intense, robust and rich to the new and advanced convection system called Prism Flavor+. The vapor output is excellent and the dual airflow system is easily adjustable so that the vaper can set the airflow as per their preference. The iSub Apex also comes with an adapter to be compatible with 510 drip tips and to work well with all iSub coils. iSub Apex gives you the control and convenience of a dripper along with the ease and necessity of a vape tank. The package contains the 2 Innokin iSub Atomizer coils each of 0.5-ohms, a glass drip tip along with its adapter, a spare steel drip tip, a pack of O-rings in case the already installed ones get damaged and a much-needed user manual. The holding capacity of the tank is 3 ml, a locking filling system at the top of it, and comes with a precision adjustable airflow system. Moreover, the device can accommodate multiple coil arrangements and is compatible with a glass and steel drip tip.
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8. KandyPens Glass Oil Tank – Chrome ($9.95)

KandyPens-Glass-Oil-Tank-–-ChromeThe KandyPens Glass Oil Tank is one of the trademark KandyPens products in the market and one of the best vape tanks under $25. This tank is a stylish device and is an excellent choice for people who vape on the go. This vape tank is specifically for oil concentrates. The all-glass design of KandyPens vape tank gives the device an exquisite and sophisticated look. This vape tank is the best available choice for oil concentrates because it gives flavorful, aromatic, and robust hits. The vapor output is excellent, too. The vaper can expect smooth and tasty vapor from the device along with an exceptional vaping experience. The design of KandyPens Glass Oil tank is elegant and built strongly enough to endure wear and tear. This oil tank comes with a low resistance mouthpiece that gives big draws that are bursting with incredible flavor. Refilling this vape tank is an easy enough process. All you have to do is unscrew the 510 threading, load your oil concentrate into the tank and then screw it back. This vape tank is an ideal choice for a busy lifestyle. You can easily vape on the go without having to worry about concealment.
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9. Kanger Toptank Mini ($29.99)

Kanger-Toptank-MiniThe Kanger Toptank Mini is another marvel from Kanger if you ask me. This device is the benchmark of an innovative tank. The device is made from superior SSOCC stainless steel atomizer head to prevent breakage and endure wear and tear. This way the tank will be safe in case of moderate fall and drops. The 4ml extended tank capacity has the flexibility to be used as per demand. This means that the vaper can have a greater amount of e-juice to vape between refills. The column top filling system which is very convenient and easy to use for vaper. Through this system, you can easily refill the tank without creating a mess and causing any spillage. This also eliminates the chance of losing the top cap during refilling of the vape tank. This means that Kangertech Toptank Mini is designed to give you the best of both worlds. The device uses sub ohm organic coils with wicks stuffed with sheets of Japanese cotton. These coils offer a bigger section for heating and a longer lifespan. With the Kangertech Toptank Mini, you can enjoy the pure, undiluted flavor of your e-liquid, and even more outstanding vapor output. If you prefer building coils all by yourself, then you can also go for Kangertech RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) coil head. This tank is versatile in a way that it offers some special element of vaping to each different type of user. The kit comes with two atomizers. One is a stainless steel atomizer of 0.5-ohms head and another atomizer head is of SSOCC Kanthal Clapton atomizer.
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10. Smok TFV8 Big Baby Atomizer Tank ($39.99)

Smok-TFV8-Big-Baby-Atomizer-TankThe SMOK TFV8 is the preceding series to the new TFV12 series and is every bit as exceptionally performing and durable as its successor. This device brings into use four unique patented atomizer from SMOK which are V8-T8, V8-T6, V8-Q4, and the V8 “Turbo” Rebuildable Atomizer. This device offers a 5 ml holding capacity for the e-liquid, and it includes an eighteen percent greater airflow than the previous devices from SMOK. The increased airflow, in turn, makes for greater and better vapor production, a smoother inhale, and great flavor. The size of the internal chimney was increased by 15% in diameter which now makes the tank capable of completely utilizing the increased airflow holes for the tank. The designers at SMOK Tech have taken certain intricate details into account when designing the internals of the tank and the drip tip. Furthermore, SMOK Tech has now removed the metal drip tip and introduced a largely trending and highly recommended bigger Delrin drip tip. This drip tip not only supports the increased airflow in and out of the tank but also prevents overheating wince Delrin serves to be an excellent heat insulator. Moreover, SMOK Tech has also increased the size of the opening of the refill slot. This makes refilling the vape tank easy, faster, and much cleaner than before.
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Best Leak Proof Vape Tanks

Our list of leak-proof vape tanks is divided into two:
  • Best Leak Proof Rebuildable Tank Atomizers
  • Best Leak Proof Sub Ohm Tanks

1. Augvape Intake Leak Proof RTA

Augvape-Intake-Leak-Proof-RTAI have tried this and it is really good. This leak-proof rebuildable tank atomizer is sold as the best leak-proof RTA currently available in the market. This atomizer tank has airflow holes located at the top of the tank with two chimneys present at the base of the deck. The chimneys receive air from the top airflow system which eliminates any and every way the e-juice can find its way into the airflow system.
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2. GeekVape Zeus RTA

GeekVape-Zeus-RTAMy personal favorite, this is another leakproof RTA. GeekVape Zeus RTA comes with a complex three-dimensional airflow design to prevent leakage. This tank atomizer prevents e-liquid from leaking by drawing the airflow for the vaporizer from the top. This way the airflow finds a straight channel to the coil and wicks through an advanced channeling system that pulls the air from top holes straight to the bottom coil base. Since it’s difficult for the e-liquid to find its way out through the airflow holes at the top, the vape is usually free of any leakage and is one of the best choices for a leak-proof rebuildable tank atomizer.
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3. OBS EngineII RTA

OBS-EngineII-RTAThis tank comes with two cylindrical hoods; one covers the deck base and the other is located inside the first one. There is some cushion space present in between the two hoods that cover space all around the perimeter. This space makes for the passage of airflow that gets inside through the top and then finds its way down through the layers of air trapped between the two cylindrical hoods. This layer of air is the key factor in preventing any sort of leakage. You can purchase this product at Amazon, too.
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Best Leak Proof Sub Ohm Tanks

1. Aspire Revvo Sub Ohm Tank

Aspire-Revvo-Sub-Ohm-TankRevvo is designed quite differently from your regular atomizer tank which I really like. The cartridge coil, which is usually located at the bottom of the tank, is located at the top of the tank in Aspire Revvo sub ohm tank. The cartridge coil in this tank is shaped like a flat disk and has a wick stuffed with a full disk of cotton on top. This way the e-juice for each draw is drawn from the tank and the leftover juice goes right back into the tank. Also, the system for refilling the e-liquid comes with a locking pin that seals off the tank chamber once the refilling is done. In this category, Aspire Revvo is the best leak-proof sub ohm tank currently available in the market.
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2. Aspire Cleito EXO Cartridge Tank

Aspire-Cleito-EXO-Cartridge-Tank This leak-proof sub ohm tank makes things very simple for me by locating the filling and the airflow system both at the top of the tank. The atomizer cartridges are completely stuffed with cotton padding that helps to soak up the juice into the coil. There is no airflow outlet present at the bottom. The juice is fed to the vape through the cotton stuffed wick and any leftover juice that is not vaporized either returns to the vape tank or eventually gets vaporized since it finds no escape with the airflow located at the top of the tank.
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3. Smok TFV12 Prince Cartridge Tank

Smok-TFV12-Prince-Cartridge-TankMy longest used tank, the SMOK TFV12 is one of the highly praised and strongly recommended leak proof atomizer tanks available in the market. It is the best sub ohm vape tank that comes with leak-proof technology and makes for a perfect vaping session. SMOK has delivered a variety of tanks and each tank has improved in various different ways performing relatively better than its predecessor. SMOK TFV12 Prince Cartridge Tank comes with the ultimate solution to all leaking issues and an even more enhanced vaping experience. The coils on this tank are comparatively larger than most coils. This means that the wick accommodates more cotton sheets than most tanks. The coils are built with good vertical length and reach higher up than most coils. The e-liquid only climbs a certain level of the cotton padded wick and since it’s a work against gravity, the juice is unable to reach very high up the coil. The tank glass comes with a cylindrical metal mesh inside and helps to slow down the swishing and splashing of the e-juice contained inside the atomizer tank while it is being moved about.
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Tips to Prevent Your Vape Tank from Leaking

This is an important part for vapers like you and me. Every vaper who has spent enough time vaping has come across the problem of a leaking vape tank. The problem only tends to get worse if you don’t fix the leakage in time. Fortunately, solving the defect of a leaking vape tank does not cost much and neither does it require a lot of effort. Now let’s look at a few tips that will guide you on how to fix the leakage of your vape tank.

Proper Filling of the Vape Tank

Improper filling of the vape tank is one of the main reasons that lead to a leaking vape tank. Vape tanks are manufactured with a central tube that starts from the tube and goes up to the mouthpiece of the vape tank. When the e-liquid enters the central tube, you are bound to experience leakages. To ensure that there is no leakage, you must prevent the e-liquid from entering the central tube. This can be achieved by tilting the tank. Tilting the tank will let the e-liquid flow back down to the inner part of the tank instead of entering the central tube. So as you continue to fill up the vape tank, you can slowly straighten up the tank and prevent the e-liquid from any spillage. Moreover, you must avoid overfilling the vape tank so that a vacuum can hold the liquid inside the vape tank.

Using the Correct Coils

Most vape tanks come with replaceable coils and all offer different values of resistance. These coils are each designed to suit a different type of vaping liquid and perform different tasks. For example, a certain coil may give you the ultimate flavor hit, but another one may be specialized with producing massive vapor rings for cloud chasers. Coils that offer a higher resistance come with smaller juice holes. These small holes are perfectly compatible with Propylene Glycol liquids since they tend to have a smoother flow. When you use higher vegetable glycerin with these coils, the holes become clogged and mess up your entire vaping session. Since the vegetable glycerin liquid tends to easily vaporize at a higher temperature, the coil fails to completely evaporate the liquid with leads to leakage due to the extra e-juice. This is why higher vegetable glycerin should only be used with low resistance coils. The coils that come with comparatively larger holes allow thicker and more viscous liquid maintain a smooth and easy flow.

Tighten the Components of Your Vape Tank

When different components of the vape tank are not properly tightened and adjusted well, then this may lead to leakage. The gaps that unadjusted and misfit components leave between the coil and the base of the atomizer allow the e-liquid to leak and spill. This is why before beginning your vaping session you must ensure that all the gaps between the coil and the atomizer are completely sealed to prevent the tank from leaking its contents. Also, you must be careful as to not overtighten these components because that may lead to damaging the O-rings which are small rubbers that allow the vaporizer to attain a thorough and tight seal.

Maintaining the O-Rings

The O-rings are small rubber components that allow for sealing the vape tank and prevent leakage. If the O-rings get damaged by over tightening the components or forcing a tight fit, then this can lead to leakage. Moreover, the O-rings can also wither with time or get displaced. Sometimes the O-rings are already damaged when you purchase them, which is why you must take a good look at them and check them for damage before your purchase the vape tank. Make sure to keep a check on your O-rings from time to time to prevent any leakage. All you have to do is to unscrew the different components of the vape tank and check the rubber rings for any sort of damage.

The Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2019

1. Apollo Portal Tank

Apollo-Portal-TankOne of my friends uses it and I have always like it. Apollo Portal sub ohm tank comes with the Apollo Ohm Go vape kit and has gained immense approval and popularity due to its tremendous performance and ease of use. This is the best sub ohm vape tank for vapers who are just looking to make an entry into sub ohm vaping and are looking for the perfect tank to make a start. Apollo Portal Tank has a great look, a sophisticated design, and a build of top-notch quality. The filling system is available at the top of the tank which makes it very easy and comfortable to use. Moreover, the tank comes with a choice of multiple coil selection. The tank comes with three coils, each sporting a different resistance of 0.2 ohms, 0.5 ohms, and 1.0 ohm respectively. This not only offers great variation in vaping options but also allows you to experience mouth to lung vaping. Secondly, you can use PG, VG or a mix of both juices in this vape tank. The tank itself is 19 mm in build with the 0.5-ohm coil pre-installed for immediate use. The tank has a 2ml capacity and is easy to fill when you’re on the move. Apollo Portal tank comes in two finishes: Stainless steel and black and white rubber finish.
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2. Aspire Revvo Sub Ohm Tank

Aspire-Revvo-Sub-Ohm-Vape-TankIf you ask me, this is one of the best sub ohm tanks of 2018 that comes with a leak-proof technology as discussed earlier. Aspire Revvo is one of the first sub ohm tanks that have used Arc coil. This may be a bit new and different, but it has certainly improved upon the quality and performance of the tank, making it one of the best vape tanks that deliver intense flavor and impressive coil life. The Aspire Revvo comes with a top of the tank filling system that makes it very easy for vapers to refill their tanks without much spillage. You do not need to unscrew the top cap for a refill, but simply just push the tip of the bottle of your e-liquid into the filling port, squeeze, and let it pour into the tank. Due to this feature, this tank has become a popular choice for vapers looking to vape on the go. The coils on this tank have a great lifespan and offer excellent performance. The Aspire Revvo sub ohm tank comes with two Arc coils, one of 0.1 ohms, and the other of 0.6 ohms. Since this is a sub ohm vape tank with coils of resistance below 1 ohm, the vaper must ensure that their vape is capable of providing high wattage with low resistance coils. The Aspire Revvo is one of the best choices for flavor and cloud chasers, both. The device is 24 mm in diameter with an easy filing system. It gives intense flavor hits and a number of big clouds. The tank works best mod vapes that provide high wattage. It has a capacity of 3.6 ml but is limited to a capacity of 2 ml in countries that follow the TPD.
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3. Aspire Cleito Sub Ohm Tank

Aspire-Cleito-120-Pro-Sub-Ohm-Vape-TankIn my experience, the Aspire Cleito is a sub ohm tank that offers fantastic flavor, excellent cloud production with a well-designed and well-constructed built. The Aspire Cleito works a little differently than other sub ohm tanks in a way that the coil head of this tank also serves as a chimney. It is easy to fill. All you have to do is to unscrew the top piece of the tank. But while this sub ohm tank may have shown tremendous performance, it comes with a few downsides, too. One of those is that the vaper is unable to change the coil while the tank still has e-liquid present in it. In spite of that, Aspire Cleito is the go-to tank for a lot of experienced sub-ohm vapers. The device is compatible with most box mod vaporizers that are capable of handling 0.4 ohm and 0.2-ohm resistance coils. This tank is 22mm in diameter with a 3.5 ml capacity. The device comes with a pair of Clapton coils, one of them is of 0.2 ohms and the other is of 0.4 ohms. It also has vape cuffs to help the heat dissipate and not overheat the vape.
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4. Uwell Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank

Uwell-Crown-3-III-Sub-Ohm-Vape-TankThis sub ohm vape tank is the successor of two of the vaper’s most liked and disliked vape tanks Crown and Crown 2. Uwell Crown 3 came after Crown 2 received a lot of criticism for its performance and low quality. This new tank in the Crown series has not only built upon the criticism of its predecessor but has proved to be one of the best sub ohm tanks currently available in the market. The Crown 3 delivers a rich and robust flavor to its users and is the choice of a lot of flavor chasers. You can easily change the coil on this tank while there is still e-juice present inside the tank. This is a huge plus because having to wait for the tank to empty just so you could change a coil is a great turn off for a lot of vapers. Countries under the directions of TPD have Uwell Crown 3 Mini with a tank that has a holding capacity of exactly 2 ml. For countries that do not follow the TPD have the Uwell Crown 3 available with a 5 ml holding capacity. This tank is slightly larger than most with a diameter of 24.5 mm. It comes with two coils, one of 0.25 ohm and the other of 0.4 ohms. The liquid can be refilled at the top and the coil can be changed with the liquid still present inside the tank.
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5. Freemax Mesh Pro

Freemax-Mesh-ProFreemax Mesh Pro is another top-ranked sub ohm vape tank and I know why. This tank comes with a mesh coil head which is also the reason why it has gained such immense popularity among vapers. Mesh coil heads have somehow become a new vaping sensation and not without reason. These mesh coil heads take the vapers to an entirely different level of vaping. The flavor output with these vape tanks is intense and absolutely addictive. Out of all the sub ohm tanks that come with mesh coil heads, Freemax Mesh Pro has definitely broken some records. A lot of experienced vapers have declared this vape tank as their favorite one to use in all of their vaping experience. This tank works best with a higher wattage mod that can easily accommodate the size of the tank that is a few millimeters more in diameter than most tanks. The kit of Freemax Mesh Pro comes with two Mesh coil heads; the double mesh coil head that offers a resistance of 0.2 ohms and a single mesh coil head that offers a resistance of 0.15 ohm. From experience, the double mesh works best at 75W. The features of this sub ohm vape tank include its 25mm diameter, top of the tank filling system and an ample 5ml capacity for the e-liquid.
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Tips to Avoid Overfilling Your Vape Tank

As I have observed, for a lot of people vaping has become a way of life. Often vapers complain that their vape tanks overflow during use or after they stash them away. This problem of leakage has become a major issue for a lot of vapers and most of them know nothing about how to stem the leakage or how to prevent their vape tanks from leaking all the time. More than that, after sever leakage it becomes a difficult task to have to clean out the vape tanks and consumes a lot of their precious time that they’d rather spend having enjoyable vaping sessions rather than spend it wiping and washing their vape tanks and cleaning out their vapes. Here’s a list of three tips that will teach you how to avoid overfilling your vape tank in order to avoid leakage.

Note the Amount of E-Liquid You Use

Regular vapers fill up their vape thanks daily and they need to have estimated or understood how much of the e-liquid they require for a day. If the estimated amount is correct and you regularly fill up your tank with the proper amount, not only will your tank last longer, but you will also enjoy your vaping sessions without fearing leakage. The basic construction of every tank comprises of space to hold the e-liquid, a tube for airflow to the wick, and space where the coils and the wicks are located for soaking up the liquid. Sometimes, it is very easy to overfill the tank and oversaturate the wicks to the point that the tank begins leaking. Sometimes, you might not even notice that the liquid is leaking all over the place until it has created a mess and already flooded the tank. To avoid this problem, you must pay an ample amount of attention to gather a close enough idea about how much e-liquid you use on a daily basis. For this purpose, you will be required to pay close attention to detail and be on the lookout for when the level of the e-liquid reaches the fill line. Once you have let the level of your e-juice rise so much that it exceeds the fill line then you are risking the tank leaking, cracking and probably even firing up and damaging the vaporizer and its other parts.

Determine the Quality of the Vape Tank

If you are looking to avoid overfilling the vape tank and prevent leakage, you must first purchase a good vape tank. Some vape tanks are better than others depending on their size, shape, and quality of their build. For instance, you must purchase tanks that have a top of the tank filling system. Top of the tank filling system does not only allow you to easily refill your vape tank with the e-liquid but also prolongs the lifespan of the tank. Another important factor to consider is the material of the vape tank. There are three different types of material that a vape tank is made from: polycarbonate, Pyrex, and metal. Depending upon the ratio of the consistency of PV and VG type of e-liquid, you must decide which material of vape tank suits your preference for e-liquid. These factors also contribute when it comes to the quality of the tank and its durability. A couple of other factors to look out for when it comes to the quality of your vape tank is whether the tank is disposable or reusable and to see its compatibility with different resistance levels.

Don’t Pull Too Hard On the Vaporizer

This is the third and final tip on how to avoid overfilling your vape tank. Sometimes, the vapers pull too hard on their vape tanks in order to get more e-juice out of it. When this happens, the wick that is supposed to absorb the e-liquid will cause the tank to overfill, and this will result in a flooded and overfilled vape tank which is exactly what we are looking to avoid. What happens is when you pull on the vaporizer; it creates a vacuum effect that tends to pull the e-liquid into the wick. When you pull too hard, you extract more juice for vaporization. When this happens, the liquid will leak into the air passage and you are likely to have a flooded vape tank. To avoid this from happening, what you can do is to make sure you steadily pull on your vape and do not pull too hard so that you draw liquid into the air channels. That way, you will be able to enjoy the vaping session and avoid wasting money that will be spent if you have to purchase a new tank frequently or purchase an excessive quantity of e-liquid since you are wasting a lot of it during your sessions. There are plenty of different types of vaporizers out there and any of them can provide you the best vaping experience if you play your cards right. Avoid pulling too hard on the vape, estimate the amount of liquid you use in a day and fill up your vape tank on a daily basis, and last, of all, use a quality vape tank that allows you to have a pleasant vaping session. If you follow all of the above tips then you can successfully avoid overfilling your vape tank and have many unforgettable vaping sessions.

The Best MTL Vape Tanks of 2019

Following is a list of the best mouth to lung vape tanks available in the market today.

1. Innokin Zenith MTL Tank by Phil Busardo and Dimtris Agarafiotis

Innokin-Zenith-MTL-Vape-TankThe Innokin Zenith MTL Tank is designed specifically to provide vapers with intense flavor hits and a flavor-rich vaping experience. This vaping setup also provides users with a very user-friendly structure and easy functionality. The Innokin Zenith MTL Tank is 23 mm in diameter; it is beautifully and gorgeously designed with a pure metal exterior to protect the glass interior that acts as a reservoir for the e-liquid. The holding capacity of this tank is 4 ml and it is thoroughly equipped with a convenient twist to open top filling system to refill the tank without causing any spillage that would ultimately lead to a mess. This filling method does not only make for an easy refill but also shows the large filling port of the tank that has a very efficient wicking process. Airflow enters the Zenith MTL Tank through very adjustable four air holes that are conveniently located at the base of the tank. Each hole is of a different diameter to allow for efficient airflow in an out of the vape tank. The central atomizer chamber has the capability to accommodate the new Zenith coil technology that comes with a 1.6 ohm MTL coil that works best in between 10 to 14 W and a 0.8 ohm MTL coil that works at a higher wattage and temperature setting from between 14 to 18 watts. The device comes in a slim and attractive design made by an exquisite collaboration between two extremely popular designers and a very successful manufacturer that has resulted in the making of the Innokin Zenith MTL Tank and makes the perfect platform for flavor chasers looking for intense and robust flavor hits and dedicated MTL enthusiasts looking for a pleasant vaping experience through MTL tanks.
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2. Innokin Prism T20-S Tank

Innokin-Endura-Prism-T18-TankThe Prism T20-S Tank is highly recommended by me as it’s a next-generation atomizer manufactured and launched by Innokin. This MTL vape tank has its sole focus on providing the vaper with a with the ultimate flavor hit that makes for an unforgettable and pleasant vaping experience. The purpose of this MTL tank is on pure, robust flavor and an exceptional taste. This vape tank brings you flavor so intense and enjoyable, it’ll get you hooked. All you have to do is fill the tank with the e-liquid by unscrewing the cap of the tank and fill from the top filling system and enjoy flavorsome draws with just the correct amount of airflow and perfect vapor output. The device comes in six vibrant and exciting colors like black, gray, blue, red, a deep purple, and stainless steel. The holding capacity of the vape tank is about 2 ml and the tank comes with a total resistance of 0.6-ohm minimum. Secondly, it comes with a preinstalled coil of 0.8 ohms and a spare Prism S coil of 1.5 ohms.
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Advantages of MTL Tanks

Following are the advantages of MTL tanks.

Size and Portability of the Tank

MTL tanks are usually smaller than most sub ohm tank and are comparatively easier to carry around. The most common diameter of an MTL tank is 22 mm and a lot of the MTL tanks are even smaller than that. In comparison to that, more of the sub ohm vape tanks come with a diameter that is 24 mm or more.

Consumption of E-Liquid

An MTL tank has a comparatively lower rate of e-liquid consumption than sub ohm tanks. The reason is that the parts that make up the tank are usually smaller than that of an airier tank. Smaller wick holes and coils make up for less e-juice on the coil and this means comparatively lower consumption of e-liquid.

Discreetness in Vaping

Since MTL tanks tend to have a lower vapor production, they are easy to use when vaping on the go and a lot more discreet than sub ohm tanks that are designed specifically for cloud chasers. Discreet vaping is also referred to as stealth vaping and if you want to vape in public without drawing any attention towards you, then an MTL tank is the best choice for you.

Fewer Leakage Incidents

Since MTL tanks tend to have smaller airflow channels, the leaks in MTL tanks are less frequent and definitely a lot less catastrophic. Usually, the liquid seeps out of the airflow settings and adjustment controls. When the holes for airflow are small, they do not allow for a lot of leakages, hence fewer leaks and less wastage of e-liquid. Since MTL tanks are also comparatively smaller than sub ohm tanks, it is also easier to clean them up.

The lifespan of a Coil

When there is less e-liquid running through the coils, the vaper will be able to get them to run longer. Liquid flow wears down the coil and since there’s less of it in MTL tanks, the coils tend to last longer. Most MTL style coils that are used regularly with an average consumption of e-juice are estimated to last around one to two weeks before having to be replaced.

Disadvantages of MTL Tanks

Following are the disadvantages of MTL tanks.

VG/PG Balance

Most of the MTL tanks as discussed earlier come with smaller wick holes and single wire coils. While coil tech has become more and more advanced over the span of the last few years, according to the correct balancing scale, the ratio of VG can go up as far as 70% on an MTL coil.

Limited E-Liquid Options

Mouth to lung tanks works better with a liquid that has high nicotine strength. Sub ohm tanks have gained immense success over the span of the last few years, and many premium juices only come with strengths that go as far as 6 mg with freebase nicotine. If you are looking to go for higher strength, nic salts are your best option.

Not for Cloud Chasers

If you are looking for massive rings of clouds to show off to your friends, then MTL tanks are not the best way to go. An MTL atomizer does not possess enough wattage to provide huge rings of clouds. These tanks are designed for use with higher nicotine strengths that only give enough of a vapor output to satisfy nicotine cravings and nothing more. These tanks may be trusted to give excellent flavor and good taste, but they are not for you if you are a direct lung vaper and are looking for the best vape tank for clouds.

Purchasing the Best Vape Tank Became Easy with This Guide

As I discussed in this article, the market is currently flooded with the best vape tanks available in the vaping market. To find the vape tank that is most compatible for you, you must do your research and find out which vape tank matches your vaping habits and suits your preferences. While the best sub ohm tanks are the best choice for cloud chasers, the best MTL tanks provide intense flavor and good taste. Before you go out to purchase a vape tank, you must keep two things in mind: your vaping requirements and your budget. The first step is to determine your vaping preferences, the next is to determine your budget, and at last, you must find a tank that suits your preference and falls within your budget.