EmeraldGrowers prides itself in having a good team of contributors. They form the backbone of the company helping us to evaluate and stay updated with the vaping world. We discuss about one such contributor today.

Hezekiah – Contributor

Hezekiah was born in Humboldt County which is situated in the state of California. Having a keen interest in political science and Government, he studied the same at Pacific University. After his degree, we worked with several government implementation programmes. He played a key role in increasing storage, implementing irrigation techniques when he worked as a consultant. He also worked as an executive director of Mattole Restoration Council.

While serving as the director, Hezekiah was among the few voices who raised the issue of negative environmental impacts due to illegal cultivation of marijuana. After serving for three years as the director, Hezekiah stepped down as the director and went to serve as a public affairs consultant. His main area of concern was the illegal cultivation of marijuana and the lack of information and policies regarding the same.

He conducted several workshops across united states to raise awareness regarding the environmental harm caused due to illegal and unregulated cultivation of marijuana. He was not against marijuana, his aim was to develop management practices which were legal and sustainable.

He has seen the effect of the ban on marijuana played on several farming communities throughout the united states. Which is why we wanted to develop and spread holistic farming methods which could be acceptable by states too.

He occasionally contributes to EmeraldGrowers with his insights related to the industry.