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When looking for vaporizers online you are bound to read some vaporizer reviews, whether it being customer reviews on your favorite vaporizer shop or review sites (such as ours) that provide reviews for vaporizers.
What we found, however, is that most reviews truly suck. Why? Because they don’t compare the product with its competition. If the first-ever vaporizer you own is a shitty one, you don’t know better and therefore it is the best one in your eyes. This is why customer reviews on e-commerce sites always are basic and don’t dwell on the details of the products. We are also extremely fed up with the reviews of our competitors that always seem to upsell the products like crazy to get as many people as possible to buy the products they talk about. Our process is a bit different. We use factors to rate the vapes we review, and we are not afraid to say if a product is over-priced or that it sucks. We provide honest vaporizer reviews, it’s as simple as that.

Factors when reviewing products

Instead, we have decided on 8 factors we base our vaporizer reviews on. They are as following:


While the design might not be the main focus when buying a vaporizer, it still plays a role in some peoples eyes. The design is not only about the looks but how sturdy and ergonomic the vaporizer is (the sturdiness is especially important when it comes to desktop vaporizers). If the sturdiness, ergonomic or looks of the vaporizer is important to you – look out for the rating on design for the product we are reviewing.


Safety first! This is by far the most important part since it is important that you safely can use your vaporizer without risking your health. All of the vaporizers in our best of lists are safe to use, but since we want to review as much as possible in this vape reviews section, sometimes a product can be unsafe – and then we will point that out. Make sure the rating of safety is high. This is not something you can neglect.


The potency a vaporizer can achieve greatly impacts the effect as well as the experience of vaping. A lot of cheap vaporizers lack in this area, and therefore beginners won’t experience thick vapor like those putting in a bit more money into their vape. The potency makes or breaks the experience. Make sure that the potency is high, especially when cloud chasing!


The flavor can really make or break the experience as well. A clear flavor vs a weak and “cloudy” one makes the taste very different. Being able to get a clear taste of the liquid you smoke or the dry herb is just something else. However, you will still get the same vaping effects (if you are smoking dry herb), so the clear flavor is just a plus.


We all know the feeling when all you want is a nice hit but the vaporizer needs to be heated up (especially with desktop vaporizers). Having an inefficient vaporizer is never fun. However, once heated up the efficiency of the heating process doesn’t affect flavor, potency or anything in the experience. If you don’t want to wait minutes before it is properly heated, make sure to find an efficient vape.

Ease of Use

As a beginner in the vape world, it can be overwhelming to get all the terms thrown around casually on forums and vaping websites. If you are a beginner or intermediate, or even an expert, a too complicated of a vape is just irritating and stressful. Being easy to use is one factor that is aimed towards the beginners primarily, so if you feel lost in the vaping world, make sure to look out for the ease of use rating!

Temperature Control

Being able to set the temperature to match your preferences is important. Nowadays we have two types of temperature controls: analog and digital. The digital temperature control is usually easier to set the right temperature with since it clearly shows you what temperature it is on currently and shows you decimals (if you are really picky with the temperature being just like you want it). Analog still works perfectly, but for a control freak, I’d suggest digital.

Reputation & Reliability

Due to the spike in interest in vaping the last 5 years have resulted in a lot of new-comers in the market. This is generally good since the more competition, the better and cheaper the products get. However, there are some shady businesses that produce low-quality vaporizers and as a result of that risks their customer’s health. Dealing with companies that have a reputation and have been in the industry longer is great, they offer better customer support and warranties. You can also be rest assured that they take responsibility for any problems that might occur.

Portable Vaporizer Reviews

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