State of the Trade Preliminary

EmeraldGrowers strives to contribute positively to the field of marijuana cultivation and recently vapes. There is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding marijuana cultivation which becomes difficult for a trader to deal with.  We feel it is important to have the right data when it comes to marijuana trading throughout the state. This data not only helps the traders but it also brings in some transparency.

Using this, we can push for smoother laws which makes legal marijuana cultivation as easy and accessible as normal farming. For this to happen, all traders must come together under one platform. This is what we aim to with the state of the trade preliminary.

We invite of marijuana farmers (both big and small) to come to us and provide all the data related to their trade. We understand that this data is critical for your business, which is why we have developed systems which do not require human intervention. Which means the data will be added by you to the system which will be hosted in a secure server which no one would have access to except you.

Once we get a sizeable number of entries, the same shall be submitted to relevant authorities in view only format. This ensures that no one can tamper or misuse the data. We believe that with this exercise, we can bring in some positive changes to the trader community. And this change isn’t possible without the help of the government agencies, we hope that all traders participate in good number for this exercise.